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In today’s tutorial, we will learn How to Create a Helper Class in Magento 2.

 Possibly the word “Helper” is no longer strange to those who already used Magento 1. Helper is a class that provides a feature-set for several features across the Magento site. In Magento 2 helper class can be called in view, models, controllers, and other helpers.

What is Magento 2 Helper Class?

In Magento 2 helper class is used for adding more feature-set and many features to 

Magento 2 store that can be used anywhere in the entire store. Helpers are created as “Singleton” (a single instance of objects). It can be called in controllers, models, views, templates, etc.

Why do you need a Helper Class in Magento 2?

Why do you need a Helper Class in Magento 2

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Helper class typically used as elements that are everywhere and all-time available. They can also be created as singleton (single instances of objects). If we inject a helper in class then we call it everywhere. It is an organic technique to avoid duplicate code.  

Helpers are most commonly created to provide methods for the common feature-set. For example, helpers are used to creating logs in Magento 2 applications.

How to Create Helper Class in Magento 2

Step 1: Create a file named Data.php at the below the path


And add the below code

Final words

So, in this tutorial, we study  How to Create a Helper Class in Magento 2. Hope you understand. Magento 2 Helper Classes contain functions and methods that are regularly used in the entire Magento 2 application. Hope this tutorial has provided you with all the fundamentals of the helper class

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