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Zero subtotal checkout is a method of payment where the final total of the bill gets to zero. 

This is required when there is a discount to be applied to the grand total. It is also required when the previous order had some problem and to reimburse it, the admin needs to provide a zero subtotal checkout. 

The admins can allow Zero Subtotal Checkout in Magento 2 for the specific customer groups based on their requirements. 

So to configure that, we are here with a solution today. 

Steps to Configure Zero Subtotal Checkout in Magento 2

Step 1: From the Magento admin panel, go to Stores -> Configuration.

Step 2: Under the Sales section, select Payment Methods


Step 3: From the various tabs Expand the Zero Subtotal Checkout tab.

zero subtotal checkout

Enabled: Set this field to Yes to start the Zero subtotal checkout.

Title: Set the title here to show to the customers. 

New Order Status: from the 3 options in the dropdown menu, choose any of them based on your requirements.

  • Pending: Select this option if the order is lingering for approval.
  • Processing: Set this option if the transaction is processing.
  • Suspected Fraud: Set this option if the order is suspected of fraud.

Payment from Applicable Countries: from the dropdown menu, select All Allowed Countries if you wish to give zero subtotal checkout to all the countries, and if you wish to provide the functionality to only specified countries, then select the Specific Countries option.

Payment from Specific Countries: In this field, select the countries from where you want to allow payments. 

Sort Order: Enter a sequence in which you desire to define the place of Zero Subtotal Checkout.

Step 4: Lastly, Save Config.

Wrap Up!

Follow all the steps mentioned above and you will swiftly be able to incorporate the Zero Subtotal Checkout for your Magento 2 customers. 

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