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What is Vertex Tax?

Its Automated Tax Solutions for European Businesses. In detail, Vertex is a cloud-based solution that automates your sales and uses tax compliance and generates a signature-ready PDF for your monthly returns. For information on how to sign up for Vertex, please click here


Automates Tax Calculations & Returns
Vertex saves time, reduces risk, and helps you file your tax returns on time.

Sales & Use Tax
Vertex Cloud calculates sales tax in the shopping cart based on the tax profile of each product that is purchased and the jurisdiction.

Manage Exception Certificates
Vertex makes it easy to manage customers by jurisdiction who have non-standard tax requirements.

Generate Returns
Vertex Cloud automatically regenerates signature-ready PDF returns and sends a message when the returns are available.

Let’s understand the Magento 2 vertex configuration in detail.

Vertex Settings:

Use Vertex Tax Links: New Use Vertex Tax Links configuration option. Required to enable and configure Vertex. This option increases integration performance.

Vertex Tax Calculation: Calculates Tax using Vertex so enable this setting from the configuration.

Vertex API Status: From here you will get an idea if vertex tax API is connected or not.

Vertex Calculation API Url: By default, it has been added, you don’t need to change it for now.

Vertex Address Validation API Url: Same as above, you don’t need to change it for now.

Vertex Trusted Id: An identifier supplied by an ERP. Its supplied by Vertex. Get it from there and configure it here.
Integration URLs automatically update to use new service links. The Vertex Calculation API URL connects to CalculateTax70, and Vertex Address Validation API URL links to LookupTaxAreas70.

When to send invoice to Vertex: Please select when tax should be invoiced to Vertex. You have 2 options here, When invoice Created or When Order Status is Changed. You can select as per your convenience.

Use Vertex for orders shipping to: Here you get the list of countries to select from, as Vertex is good solution for European countries and America.

Summarize Tax by: Select how you want to summarize the tax here; it can be by-product and shipping or Jurisdiction.

Vertex Company Information:

Company code: The Vertex Tax Central user interface is used to set up any taxability rules that apply at this level. This should be a parameter that is configurable to data from the host system based on an individual company’s legal and tax requirements.

Location Code: The location Code attribute on the line item represents the store location code that is used for the returns filing

Company Street Address: Enter your business address here.

Company City, Country, State and Postal Code: Enter the required details

Vertex Delivery Terms:

Global Delivery Term: Select Delivery Term used by default

Delivery Term Override: New Delivery Terms options for configuring global and overrides per country for shipping terms. These options provide support to EU VAT.

Override the Global Delivery Term based on the country being shipped to. You can select the country and delivery term here, so basically if you want to change the deliver term according to countries, you can set here. You can click on the Add button to add a new delivery term for specific country.

Vertex Shipping Product Codes:

List of shipping methods available for mapping in Vertex. Renamed Shipping Product Codes to Vertex Shipping Product Codes. These features display products for each shipping type enabled. Map your shipping types to Vertex in this section.

Few more features:
New Vertex Logging configuration options for rotating logs. Set the frequency, actions, and exact timing for the rotation. Logs export to a CSV file.

Automatic API disabling—If you update your product prices in the Magento catalog to include tax, this can significantly degrade Magento performance. Vertex automatically disables if Display prices in Catalog are set to Including Tax. You must set this value to Excluding Tax to re-enable Vertex.

New Cache Option—When clearing caches using Cache Management, Vertex has a cache option included. This option improves performance during the checkout process.

Hope Vertex Tax is clearer than before, in case any query, feel free to comment, and we will surely try to help you out.

Keep reading and keep sharing our tutorials, maybe someone in need of it.

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