Year-To-Date Starts: Specifies the month and day upon which the year-to-date calculations are based. So the first option has 1-12 numbers, that’s a month. The second option has 1-31 numbers, so those are days. You can select from which you want to start the calculations.

How to Setup Reports Configuration in Magento 2 Configuration

You will have to uncheck “Use System Value” to make the changes in these options.

Current Month Starts:

Specifies the day of the month that is used in calculations to mark the beginning of the current month. So here also you will get a number from 1-31, you can select the date from which you want to consider month start and relevant calculations.

General Options:

Enable Reports: If disabled, all report events will be disabled. By default “YES” Selected.

Enable “Product View” Report: If enabled, will collect statistics of viewed product pages. It means you might have seen the feature of Most Viewed Product, so Magento gathers this data if this report is enabled.

Enable “Send Product Link to Friend” Report: If enabled, will collect statistics of product links sent to a friend. It will show this data in a report that how many your visitors have used this feature send a product link to a friend if enabled.

Enable “Add Product To Compare List” Report: Similar to above, if enabled, it will record the data of product added for comparison by customers.

Enable “Product Added To Cart” Report: If enabled, it will record the data of products added to the cart by your customers.

Enable “Product Added To Wishlist” Report: Same for Wishlist

Enable “Share Wishlist” Report: Share Wishlist Report

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