The popularity of online business has increased imperatively for business growth. Nowadays, it is difficult for businesses to sustain themselves without a website or web app.

When it comes to web and app development, Laravel is the most preferred framework. Laravel is an open-source framework based on PHP. Its wide range of features and capabilities makes it a hugely popular platform for web app development. Laravel makes it easier to build a web app as it offers valuable and unique tools. Laravel helps in improving the performance of your web applications. 

Did you know? (Stats of Laravel Framework)

Let’s find out some statistics to know the usage and popularity of Laravel

132,940 websites are using Laravel.

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Laravel is the most widely used PHP framework compared to other frameworks.

php framework usage

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Why Choose Laravel Framework?

Laravel is one of the best platforms for building web apps. It makes web app development more accessible, making it the preferred framework among developers. Here are some of the reasons to choose Laravel for your next project.

  • It’s really easy to get started with Laravel with some basic knowledge of PHP.
  • Laravel is free and open source that helps to build complex web applications easily.
  • Laravel is the most used platform and is emerging quickly.
  • Laravel uses an MVC model that increases performance and better documentation.
  • The Laravel community helps you get out of problems and bugs you face during development.
  • Laravel provides a high level of security which is its main feature.
  • Laravel comes with object-oriented libraries.
  • Unit testing with Laravel helps test important functionalities before they are available for end users.

Why should you Hire Laravel Developers?

Build flawless website

For website or application development, the main concern is scalability and flexibility. To stay competitive, business owners must adapt to the latest trends and technology. Laravel website development becomes flawless as the Laravel developer can make changes according to the trends and requirements. Hire dedicated Laravel developer to stay ahead and grow your business.


Hire Laravel programmers from the best Laravel development company will save you on cost and time. Cost-effectiveness is the main advantage of Laravel web development. 

Enhanced Management

eCommerce websites experience heavy traffic during the peak time of the shopping season. The website traffic does not remain the same at all times. Hence, the website must handle heavy traffic and respond to multiple requests. Or else you will lose a lot of customers. Hire Laravel developers that develop web apps with heavy traffic management.

Highly Efficient

When you hire Laravel developers from a Laravel web development company, you can be assured that they will take utmost care of all aspects of Laravel website development or web application development. The Laravel developer has many years of experience, which gives them the ability to meet any kind of requirements.

Factors to Consider when you Hire Laravel Developers

Irrespective of Laravel website development or Laravel web app development, you need to hire Laravel programmers. When you search, you will get plenty of Laravel developers, which makes it challenging to select the right one. Here are some factors to consider when you hire dedicated Laravel developer for Laravel web development services.

Determine goals

The first and foremost thing to do before you tie up with a Laravel web development company, is to define your goals. Be clear about your requirements and determine your objectives. This will help you to stay focused and measure the steps for progress.

Suitable past experience

When you hire Laravel programmers, it is essential to check their past work and experience. This will give you a better picture of their abilities and skills. Go through their portfolio and ask for reviews from the past company they have worked with. The reviews will help you measure the talent of Laravel developer. 

Evaluate the cost

If you want anything, it requires money. Defining your budget is very essential for Laravel development services. Put a budget that involves quality Laravel development services along with low expense. It is advisable to only look for a Laravel developer after you set your budget. 

Examine technical expertise of the Laravel developer

The fundamental duty of a Laravel developer is to build new web applications or modify existing ones. Hence, the Laravel developer must be sound in technical expertise. They must write clean and optimized code for web app development. They must have good knowledge of languages like PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ask some technical interview questions when you hire Laravel developers. 

Soft skills are important as well

Nowadays, developers are working with companies having vast teams. So they are expected to communicate well with other team members and clients. Apart from coding and technical expertise, a Laravel developer must be good at communication, ready to take on any challenge, have soft skills, curiosity to learn new things, etc.

One-to-one interview is a must

It is highly recommended to have a one-on-one interview when you hire dedicated Laravel developer. Through interviews, you can come to know the expertise, soft skills, potential, and confidence of the Laravel developer. Interviewing the Laravel developer will help you know whether they can meet your expectations or not.

Flexibility and customer-centric approach

You must ensure that the Laravel developer must have the ability to meet your custom requirements. They must flexibly adapt to the changes in Laravel web development. Hire Laravel programmers from the best Laravel development company who understand the business’s varying needs. They should make changes to the Laravel web application and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Capable to solve complex issues

The Laravel developer must be proficient in harnessing the tools like frameworks, libraries, and programming languages to meet the requirements. They must gather and analyze necessary data before the Laravel web development begins. Hire Laravel developers that are capable of communicating with the team members and other essential individuals for the Laravel web development services.


The process to hire dedicated Laravel developer is a difficult job. You will have a lot of resumes and interviews to hire Laravel programmers. The above tips can help you in efficiently hire Laravel developers. Moreover, a Laravel web development company also possesses skilled and experienced Laravel developers who can effortlessly meet your business requirements.

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