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Today, in this tutorial, we will learn to check the store activity log of your Shopify store.

The store activity log serves as a comprehensive record of changes and events in your online store. The store activity log acts as a behind-the-scenes tracking system, and this log captures modifications made to products, settings, and other vital changes to your Shopify storefront.

This invaluable tool allows merchants to monitor and audit alterations, offering transparency and accountability in managing their Shopify store operations. Whether tracking product updates or adjustments to store settings, the Shopify Activity Log provides a concise and organized history of the evolution of your online business.

Steps to Check Store Activity Log

Step  1 –

To begin with, the process, log in to your Shopify account and access your Shopify admin panel.

Shopify admin panel → Settings

How To Check Store Activity Log In Shopify

Step 2 –

Scroll down to the end of the Setting list, and you will find the Store activity log section.

Select the section, and there is your store’s activity log.

How To Check Store Activity Log In Shopify

Bottom Line

As a Shopify store owner, keeping track of changes and modifications to your online business is crucial. That’s where the Shopify Activity Log comes in handy. This feature provides a well-organized and brief history of all the updates made to your product listings and store settings, allowing you to monitor the evolution of your business with ease.

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