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Today I am going to explain How to Add WYSIWYG Editor in Magento 2 Frontend?

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor shows exactly what the input will look like. Sometimes while collecting data from users, you need to provide a WYSIWYG editor instead of a simple textarea. For that, let’s learn How to Add WYSIWYG Editor in Magento 2 Frontend.

Steps to Add WYSIWYG Editor in Magento 2 Frontend:

Step 1: First, we need to create a textarea field in custom phtml

Step 2: After that, we need to add script tag for that textarea


Hence, this was about adding WYSIWYG editor on the Magento 2 frontend. Alternatively, you can check out other related blogs

If you have any doubts about the above steps, let me know through the comment box. Stay in touch with us for more tutorials.

Happy Coding!

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