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Magento WhatsApp Share facilitates sharing and promoting product details through WhatsApp messaging app and Whatsapp Web just with a finger touch.
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Magento CE 1.5.x - 1.9.x, EE 1.8.x - 1.14.x


When it comes to sharing, private messaging apps are dominating 70% of all online referrals and WhatsApp is considered as the king of it. Another fact is, according to SmartInsights, 25% of traffic store owners gain from mobile devices. In order to get benefit from these facts and leverage more traffic and sales, MageComp has come up with Magento WhatsApp Share extension. It allows sharing product details like price, description, special price like discounts and URL of product. After installation of the extension, WhatsApp Share button can be shown on product detail and category page to encourage people share their favorite products with their friends and relatives. It helps indirectly market your products with free of cost and thus profits you with sales gain.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento WhatsApp Share Extension:

  • Allow customers to share product details like product name, description, price, special price and URL on whatsapp.
  • Extension works with both mobile app and WhatsApp Web.
  • Enable or disable WhatsApp sharing from category and product view page.
  • Enable WhatsApp Share for specific or all categories.
  • Custom labels for product name, description, price, special price and discount.
  • Option to set product description text length from backend.
  • Display WhatsApp Share button in one of the three sizes: small, medium, large.
  • Set custom message from backend to send with product details.
  • Option to send coupon code with product details to encourage customers for purchase.
  • Share shorter URLs using bitly.
  • Send UTM tracking code along with the product URL while sharing to analyze visits from various links shared with WhatsApp.
  • The extension works with all WhatsApp enabled mobile devices.

Install the extension now and boost social sharing of your products through WhatsApp. 

this is a nice whatsapp share extension i was looking for.
Review by sandeep
this extension helped me with the whatsapp sharing my products.
Fantastic module
Review by Alex
shares amazingly and works smoothly without any issue, What else needed?
excellent concept
Review by elvin griffith
great extension that integrate whatsapp with Magento.
excellent idea! highly recommended!
Easy Sharing option
Review by Claire thompson
This is really trendy & handy sharing option for Magento store customers.
Best Whatsapp Share Module
Review by Taylor snyder
The best part of this extension is, it let me share coupon code on WhatsApp quickly with short and sweet URL
Easy Sharing
Review by Raul rios
Using UTM Tracking I found that so many people started sharing products on WhatsApp instead of classic social media sharing, really fall in love with this extension.
Simply Wow experience!
Review by Gina shaffer
It's the simply awesome extension that allows a user to directly share a product they loved, the best part of this extension is we can track the number of users come from WhatsApp sharing.
Easy Whatsapp Share Module
Review by Andrew
Such a great extension that allows my customers to share the products on WhatsApp easily with their friends and family. Loved the concept of taking advantage of the widely used app for marketing purpose.
Best sharing for mobile devices
Review by Patrick J.
Whatsapp is most used app and i wanted to take advantage of it in marketing. I bought this for my product shares and it really helped me reach those smart phones of potential customers. Wonderful functionality served by your extension. Glad to find you.
Finger touch to share
Review by Callum
Encourage sharing in smart phones through most used messaging app. I'm really getting heavy sharing after implementing this extension in my magento. A finger touch is what makes it easy to share my content.
Great Feature
Review by Dharmesh
Great feature for Magento Site and easy to manage. I love it this Extention
Sharing mobility
Review by Floyd Garcia
Whatsapp share provides sharing mobility as most used app is almost installed in every mobile and thus provide handy solution of easy sharing. I highly recommend this extension.
works great in mobile devices
Review by deanna
before purchasing whatsapp share from magecomp, i tried many other extensions which was having issue with responsive designs and thus making bad looks of my web design. This extension works well with mobiles complementing my theme. thanks magecomp for this wonderful extension.
Whatsapp share rocks, must have extension
Review by carl
in this world of messaging apps, whatsapp share is ruling it and so this extension helps reaching my products to various users' mobile phones. People are no more bored of sharing as it needs a single click. Must have extension for all magento folks.
traffic booster
Review by John Kort
After installing, my products got more sharing. They are now reached to users' mobile phones through whatsapp. I started getting more traffic from mobiles. Happy customer I'm!
Widely used for sharing
Review by Donna
Before I installed whatsapp share in my, i was getting less shares on my products but immediately after I installed it, i started getting 60% more share comparatively. Highly interesting and widely used by my customers.
Whatsapp share functionality rocks
Review by Robin
After installation of this extension, i started a campaign to send special price along with product details and to my great surprise, it reached to my all time high sale because of it. I'm really thankful to magecomp for this wonderful extension.
nice extension
Review by B Harris
most recommend when it comes to features, functionality and support by the team. started working without a single issue. Buy it without a second thought.
highly recommended
Review by polly
Works fine with Magento and I'm really witnessing huge improvement in product sharing after i installed Whatsapp extension. Highly recommended from my side.
Best of all
Review by alex redmon
I have researched and compared all the available extension for Whatsapp sharing and this one is best. more features than my requirement. I recommend it.
Must have extension
Review by Anna
Amazing extension to encourage product sharing through most popular whatsapp. Works perfect.
Awesome Extension
Review by Martin
Simply awesome extension, easy to setup and use. Bravo magecomp!
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Version : 1.0.1 Date : 05-10-2017

WhatsApp Share now works with WhatsApp web as well.

  • Image is not loading while sharing the product through WhatsApp?

Reason can be from the following,
Please make sure you have og tags implemented on your website.
Make sure your product image size is lower then 300 kb.

  • Can I enable WhatsApp Share for specific category or product?

Right now you can only enable WhatsApp Share on all categories or selected categories but not on selected products. If you still want to enable this functionality, ask us for professional customization.

  • What if I want to add custom sized button for sharing?

The extension already facilitates with 3 button size: small, medium and large for sharing products. If you need other size than this 3, you can contact us for professional customization.

  • What if I don’t have special price and still I have enabled it for sharing?

Special price will only be shared on WhatsApp if they are set with products. They will not be sent if not set even if it’s enabled in configuration.

  • What is the use of URL with UTM code?

It helps you to track visits through WhatsApp sharing in Google Analytics.

  • What is the use of discount and coupon code in WhatsApp Sharing?

This feature is mainly added to share coupon code and promote your store products. It helps to encourage users to visit your site and make purchases.

  • Can my visitors see sharing button in category page as well?

Yes, users can see WhatsApp Share button on category page as well from WhatsApp installed mobiles.

  • What if I check WhatsApp Share enabled page from desktop?

WhatsApp Share works only with mobile phones having WhatsApp installed. For desktop versions, we have put a notice for visitors to know that sharing is only possible through mobile devices.

  • Do I need additional license for my development server?

No, you can purchase the extension by entering live domain URL, and email us your development URL. We are asking for domain URL just for our records.