Magento 2 Restrict Fake Registration

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Magento 2 Restrict Fake Registration Extension by MageComp helps store admin to prevent fake customer registration and email signups with the power of Google ReCAPTCHA.
Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3




With the growing use of technology, spammer and bots are also getting powerful day by day. And Ecommerce store owner like Magento suffering a lot by getting dummy accounts and fake customer information that makes more difficult to identify the difference between genuine and fake customers. Also, some customers or testers are willing to test products or services without serving personal information or having no intention of shopping. Even some of the dominant tools are failed in preventing spam registration or fake email signups. Even these bots and spammers can do anything to hurt your site but if you analyze the common pattern of this spammers you will get a list of domains or IP's that usually hurting your store.
Magento 2 Restrict Fake Registration Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to prevent fake customer registration and email signups by including or excluding common words, domains and IP's along with the power of Google ReCAPTCHA. Using the Restrict Fake Registration for your Magento 2 store, you can easily include or exclude domains that are usually hurting your site and if you do so the extension will no longer be allowed to create an account for that spammers. And by configuring Google ReCAPTCHA you will get surety of zero spam without annoying your real store customers. You can also limit character length for customer first name and last name as well as you can define sWord Exclusion list for Customer Name to restrict common words like a test, testing, customer, guest, user, dummy etc.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Restrict Fake Registration Extension:

  • Magento Backend option to enable or disable the extension.
  • Select Domain Restriction type by selecting inclusive or exclusive as per your business needs.
  • You can also define a set of common domains to include or exclude from email signup field.
  • Moreover, you can set a custom message to display when any customer uses restricted words.
  • Use backend option to define the first name and last name characters limit while store signup.
  • Also, Magento admin can restrict any words in customer first name or last name.
  • Backend option to set the custom error message, if the customer is trying to sign up by including restricted words.
  • If you are getting hitted by specific IP’s then simply list it to store backend and they will no longer be allowed to signup for your Magento store.
  • The extension comes with built-in integration of Google ReCAPTCHA that will help you to ensure zero spamming with its advanced algorithm to identify bots without annoying humans.
Review by Daniel F.
Fake registration were damaging my website but this extension really works.
An ease in restricting fake registration
Review by Denis
Using this extension, now I can restrict the fake registration on my store and improve the security of the store. Good Job Guys.
Review by Julia Stalder
This extension helps me to improve security of my store by preventing my store from fake customer registration and email signup. Nice work done.
Must have
Review by Jean G.
It works perfectly in my store. It does prevents your site from spammers.
Review by Adam S.
I was tired of fake registrations and this extension helped me in preventing fake registration.
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