Magento 2 Surcharge

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Magento 2 Surcharge helps charging customers’ orders with additional fees or charges like small order fee, group surcharge, country & region fee and product surcharge.

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Magento 2.1, 2.2, 2.3

Regular Price: $129.00

Special Price $116.00


Many times; store owners are charged additional cost by payment providers, shipping carriers, country or region taxes. Store owners generally add all this charges to product price and make them too pricey to buy. Majority of time increasing product prices to charge some additional fees can result in bad impression, unprofessionalism and more abandoned. Rather use Magento 2 Surcharge extension by MageComp to directly pass on these additional charges to buyers transparently by adding various types of surcharges.

Why Choose Magento 2 Surcharge extension by MageComp:

  • Extension facilitates to calculate surcharge on:
    • Subtotal
    • Shipping
    • Tax
    • Exclude Discount
  • Charge with Payment Surcharge to customers for using specific payment methods.
  • Enable minimum amount surcharge to enforce a minimum order value.
  • Charge small order fee on purchase of order less than specified order amount.
  • Enable group surcharge to apply on selected custom groups.
  • Set country and region surcharge to charge additionally based on various countries and regions around the world.
  • Now you can add 2 payment surcharges, Group surcharges, Country Fees and Region Fees.
  • Apply product surcharge in 3 ways:
    • Per Order
    • Per Product
    • For Specific Product
  • You can add different product specific surcharge for multiple products by uploading CSV.
  • You can add surcharge in fixed amount or in percentage.
  • Provide label to each surcharge to show in frontend.
  • Option to apply group filter on all surcharge types.
  • Surcharge details are auto added to the Magento checkout, Print Order page, Order View page, customer sales emails and pdfs generated by Magento.
  • Choose the tax class which applies to surcharges.
Simple & Useful Extension
Review by Edwin F. Moore
We bought this module to charge an extra fee on customer orders, and the extension works as intended to. Great simple extension.
Suited for Every Business
Review by Leticia Krok
All we have to do is set up an extension and then it will work simultaneously to apply all surcharges by saving precious time.
The extension quite helpful to us.
Exactly what we needed
Review by Doug S.
Our firm has various payment methods and additional services so with this extension I can conveniently charge fees for our services the way I need.
Easy setup additional charges
Review by Zara Stokes
The extension is very easy to configure and it works as intended to.
Number One
Review by Winston Franklin
We are looking for this kind of extension since long but this one is best among all available.
Easy integrating
Review by Bryan curtis
Surcharge works perfectly as intended also code quality is really good and easy to extend.
Really Worth to install
Review by Montana
I am using this extension since long and it is really worth to install, I found that this extension is really helpful in terms of applying transparent charges.
Really Worth buying
Review by montana
I am using this extension since long and it is really worth to install, I found that this extension is really helpful in terms of applying transparent charges.
Adding Extra fees made easy
Review by Hunter MaDDox
This is what I am looking for, extension that easily allows me to add extra product fees and this works perfectly as mentioned. Excellent add-on, setting up was easy.
Amazing Surcharge Module
Review by destiney Warren
I am using this extension for more than 2 months, The module works perfectly as described and allow me to add surcharge transparently without any issue, very much happy after buying this extension.
Perfect to apply Transparent charges
Review by donna
The module works as described and transparently apply surcharges, small order fees, and other charges on the product it helped me a lot thanks magecomp.
easy to charge extra
Review by oscar
when there is a need to add extra charges for using specific payment gateway, this is what solves everything and allows adding extra charges. very much happy with development and support people.
charge payment fees additionally
Review by M. Ratcliffe
I wanted to setup payment fees for orders made in my site. Surcharge did the trick and i came to know that it allows adding not only payment fees but also small order fee, group charges, country fees and many more. It gave me a huge view to make better use of this extension.
Surcharge gets applied flawlessly
Review by R. Hewitt
Extension helped me set numbers of charges and get them applied flawlessly with perfect and separate title in a transparent way. It's what make a less efforts to configure and automate charges to orders. Very much useful extension.
add charges transparently
Review by v. maglio
Before installation of surcharge, i used to add shipping carrier costs, payment charges in products so people was amazed with the price of products and refused to buy sometimes. After adding surcharge, i can show the charges transparently and thus they wisely choose shipping and payment options.
surcharge rocks
Review by J. Adkins
very useful extension to charge some extra cost transparently. love the way it works. surcharge rocks and so the magecomp as well.
Only proper working extension available
Review by Otto
I searched and tried many surcharge extensions available in the market, but this one is the only which really works properly with taxes, subtotals by adding extra charges. Installed since 4 months, works great.
Works as expected
Review by Edward
I was having some issues while installing but the team helped to get it solved in couple of minutes. The most needed feature for me was small order fee for my gold jewelry, now it works as expected and required. Thanks magecomp for this extension.
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Version : 1.0.3 Date : 03-11-2017

- Option to add 2 payment surcharges, Group surcharges, Country Fees and Region Fees.

- Now you can add different product surcharge for different products.

- Minor bug fixing.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 09-02-2017

- Added Payment Surcharge.

Version : 1.0.2 Date : 06-07-2017

- Minor Bug Fixing.

Version : 1.0.1 Date : 09-02-2017

- Added Payment Surcharge.

  • Which type of additional charges I can apply on customer’s orders with surcharge extension?

Payment surcharge – charge for using specific payment methods

Minimum amount surcharge – enforce minimum order value to make purchase

Small order fee –Fee to charge when an order is placed below the set order amount

Group surcharge – charges to apply specific customer groups

Country or region surcharge – charge customers orders from specific country or region

Product surcharge – Charge customers orders for buying specific products

  • On which options, surcharge can be applied?

Surcharge can be applied on order subtotal, shipping, tax and discount.

  • What if I want to apply multiple payment surcharge?

Right now, we have developed the extension to enable only 1 surcharge for each type. Contact us today if you want more to be implemented.