Hello, Magento Folks and Super Magento Women’s,

The world of technology is advancing like no other thing. And all the men have made contributions. But we cannot forget the wonderful women on the field like Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM, etc.

Just like these powerful women, Magento also has its list of brightest and sharpest Women who helped make Magento shine like a Moon. Today, on International women’s day, We at MageComp, want to celebrate and give tribute to the supergirls of Magento.

Magento is one of the popular CMS platforms in the world to build an Ecommerce site. Magento is just like a Formula-1 Car race. Mostly ruled by men on the field. Surely, women are outnumbered by the men in the field, but it does not mean that there are no women developers, programmers and specialists that do not work at all.

On this International Women’s Day, we are running a campaign #sheInspiresUs to acknowledge those wonderful women of Magento and let the world know that there are women who have the capability to achieve whatever they desire. Below is a list of all the Super #MagentoWomen #Magewomen who have helped keep the flag flying high for Magento.

Ruhani Joshi

Ruhani Joshi

Ruhani Joshi is Sr.Magento Frontend developer with 8+ years of experience in Magento and Magento 2, She Passionate about web development. She also shared her thoughts with MageComp on International Women’s Day,

Front-end technologies are generally based on css, html and js but being a Magento frontend developer I can say that it is a balance between frontend developer and somewhat of php.
Being in this field from almost 7 years I can say that being #MageWomen gives you proud to work with most robust open source.
Also, I love the Magento community and the features provided by magento.
I wish all the #MageWomen here a very happy Woman’s day and be more creative and happy coding !!


Sherrie Rohde 

Sherrie Rohde | Women In Magento

Sherrie Rohde freed herself from the Status Quo and became the Community Manager at Magento. She is also supporting Mental Health problems. She is very enthusiastic about new ideas, People, activities, and passionate about helping others. She calls herself ENPF.

Keren Aminia 

karen Aminia | Women In Magento

Keren Aminia works as a director of Business Operations. She also is a Captain of Magento events. She is helping companies get better at what they do.

Karen Baker

Karen Barker | Women In Magento


Karen Baker is CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ, Ecommerce Shipping solutions agency. She is an architect, a coder, an innovator, a Disruptor, a Mother and Last man standing.

Kimberly Thomas

Kimberely Thomas | Women In Magento


Kimberely Thomas works as a leader of practice at Magento services. Previously, she had worked as a developer. She loves the soccer game and is a proud mom.

Elena Leonova

Elena Leonova | Women In Magento

Elena Leonova is Director of Product Management at BigCommerce, passionate about Ecommerce and Previously worked as a lead Product Manager at Magento. She loves to travel around the globe.

Jenna Warren

Jenna Warren

Jenna Warren is a certified solution specialist of Magento at Creatuity corp, an M2 specialized and certified for Commerce cloud edition.

Andra Lungu

Andra Lungu | Women In Magento

Andra Lungu works at BitBull srl. She is one fine Magento lover.

Claudia Teubner

claudia teubner | Women In Magento

Claudia Teubner is a part of FireGento Board and the MageUC Team. She is very obsessed with Magento. She loves reading books. Also, she is the mother of two wonderful gals.

Laura Trejo

Laura Trejo

Laura Trejo is Software Ninja Developers at Wagento Commerce. She has started blogging and loves to drink coffee. She also shared her thoughts with MageComp on International Women’s Day,

Behind each successful eCommerce project there is a woman looking up for all details, from development to architecture. Look it up!

Vicky Laurijssen

Vicky Laurijssen

Vicky Laurijssen is an IT consultant at PHPro.

Rebecca Brocton

Rebecca Brocton | Women In Magento

Rebecca Brocton is Leading Ecommerce business for Jaguar and Land Rover classic. She is also a board member for Magento Associates and a strong supporter of Mental Health issues.

Simone Zuurveld

Simone Zuuveld | Women In Magento

Simone Zuurveld is the owner of Novaecommerce. She also worked at Bold Commerce as a Magento developer. She loves to drink coffee and is a loving mom of pats – dog and cat.

Lorena Ramonda

Larena Ramonda

Lorena Ramonda is a front-end developer and works remotely. As per her social media handle, she is VueJs lover and NuxtJs enthusiast. In her free time, she reads books and listens to music.

Laura Folco

Laura Folco | Women In Magento

Laura Folco is a freelance developer. She is a big Magento fan. Also, she loves being around cats.

Nadia Sala

Nadia Sala | Women In Magento

Nadia Sala works at Bitbull srl as a web developer. Aside from Magento, she loves to travel, photography, nature and chocolate.

Diana Botean

Diana Botean | Women In Magento

Diana Botean works as a back-end developer for Magento projects.

Sonja Riesterer

Sonja Riesterer | Women In Magento

Sonja Riesterer is an Ecommerce enthusiast who works as Marketing Manager at Integer_net, a German Based Magento Development agency. She is a big Magento fan and calls herself a nerd.

Anna Völki

Anna Volki | Women In Magento

Anna Völki is a Magento Master and works as a Magento developer at E-conomix. She is a speaker and loves to travel around the world. Also, she is a great mom.

Thien-lan Weber

Thien Lan Weber | Women In Magento

Thien-lan Weber is Chief Marketing Officer for One Step Checkout, and board member for ExtDN, Cherry checkout, eBay, Clarins, Accenture. She is a proud mother, as well.

Maria Kern

Maria Kern | Women In Magento

Maria Kern is a senior front-end architect at netz98 and Magento front-end developer. She lives in Germany.

Carmen Bremen

Carmen Bremen | Women In Magento

Carmen Bremen works as Magento freelance developer at neoshops.de. She is certified as a Magento Master since 2017. She loves Shopware.

Irene Laccio

Irene Laccio | Women In Magento

Irene Laccio is a front-end developer at Bitbull srl. She Loves to solve complex issues and problems. Also, she loves to watch western movies.

Joke Puts

Joke Puts | Women In Magento

Joke Puts is an IT Consultant at PHPro. She is an exceptional PHP developer, a photography enthusiast, a proud mom and has a cat.

Tetiana(Tanya) Soroka

Tetiana Soroka | Women In Magento

Tetiana Soroka is Senior product manager for Magento Commerce, working closely with Magneto 2, Marketplace and Magento connect.

Momoko Asaka

Momoko Asaka | Women In Magento

Momoko Asaka works as a secretary for Asia Pacific Career Development Association. She is a Magento Master and also mental health and snoopy counsellor.

Federica Villata

Federica Villata | Women In Magento

Federica Villate is a UI/UX Designer and front-end developer at Bitsull srl.

Olena Sadoma

Olena Sadoma | Women In Magento

Olena Sadoma is a Client Success Manager and Blog editor at Atwix.

Zuhra Ujkanovic

Zuhra Ujkanovic | Women In Magento

Zuhra Ujkanovic is a Magento software developer at Polo Motorrad and sportswear.

Danielle Mundle

Danielle Mundle | Women In Magento

Danielle Mundle is a UX researcher for Magento Commerce at ATX and Senior UX researcher for Netsuite.

So, this was it about the Magento women. These women are not ranked on any basis, each of them is intellectual and have their own strengths when it comes to Magento Ecommerce development. #

Do like it and share it with the women you love. Let us know if any of the Super #MageWomen is missing from our list.

*If you have any privacy concern or want to change/update the bio, you may reach out us at magecompeditor@gmail.com

With ❤️ Team MageComp – Happy #InternationalWomensDay #EachForEqual

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