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In this article, I will explain to you Why Your SSL Certificate is More Important than You Think in 2022?

With the rise in internet users, there is a rapid growth of the digital world. From a small pin to a big fridge, now everything is available online. The digital world has also given rise to cybercrime and cyber attacks.

SSL certificate is a protective layer for your website. In the same manner, you need a seat belt while driving a car or a helmet while riding a bike, you need an SSL certificate for your business website.

You might have many questions in mind like, Is SSL important? Whether or not I need SSL for my website? Is it mandatory to have an SSL certificate? Is it worth having?

The answer is a big YES!

If you possess a website in 2022, you need to have an SSL certificate. SSL is no more an extravagance, it’s a complete necessity nowadays.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL certificate provides security of sensitive information when it is transmitted between server and browser. SSL certificate ensures that the information exchanged between a web server and a web browser is secured. There is a simple way to determine if the site is protected with SSL or not. The site protected with SSL has a URL that begins with HTTPS.

Advantages of SSL Certificate

There are many advantages of an SSL Certificate for your website. Some of the advantages are discussed here that will make you want to include SSL for your website.

SSL Secures Customer Data

Customer data like ID, password, credit card details are precious for a website. The website cannot compromise on the security of customer data. SSL Certificate secures the data that is transmitted between server and browser. The customer data is kept private and secured by having an SSL Certificate. Every piece of information is encrypted in a format that hackers do not understand. 

SSL Betters Search Engine Rankings

As we are all aware of Google’s ranking algorithm updates. Google has already announced HTTPS as the ranking factor. The website with SSL Certificate shows a secure indicator known as Padlock as shown in the image.

secure website

This secure indicator increases website visitors and search engine rankings. Who doesn’t want higher rankings on a web search? Therefore, possessing an SSL Certificate for your website boosts your rankings.

SSL Confirms your Identity

SSL Certificate provides authentication to your website. Verifying your identity is essential for your website security as internet fraud is increasing. You need to go through a third-party validation process conducted by Certificate Authority (CA) when you want to install an SSL Certificate. On the basis of the type of certificate, CA verifies your website and your identity. Once you are verified, you get the security tag with your website and visitors can recognize whom they are conversing with.

SSL Improves Customer Trust

As discussed earlier, SSL Certificate adds a secure indicator known as Padlock to your website’s URL. The visitors can easily make out if the website is secured or not. Apart from data encryption, SSL Certificate is essential for building customer’s trust and belief. If the customers know that you are a legal company they are more likely to do business with you, revisit your website, and choose you against an unsecured site.

SSL Protects from Cyber Attacks

As the number of internet users increases, there is an increase in cyber-attacks and crimes. Securing your website from these attacks is necessary. Having an SSL Certificate is a simple way to secure your website from attacks. With SSL Certificate it is almost impossible to have a cloned website.

Why is an SSL Certificate Mandatory?

To offer a safer browsing experience, Google announced a flag indicator for websites that have not installed SSL Certificate. All the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox will penalize them while notifying ‘Not Secure’ on the URL bar with a red mark.

not secure website

Image Source: Primary Image

It may also happen that websites may get blocked without having an SSL Certificate. Hence, it is mandatory to have an SSL Certificate whether you are having a global website or personal blog. The absence of an SSL Certificate will result in loss of visitors and any website owner will not please it.


Now, as you all know the importance and benefits of an SSL Certificate, act and secure your website soon. It helps the business in gaining traffic and revenue. Save yourself from Google warnings: “Not secure” and increase your website’s trust, traffic, and turnover.

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