At the time of website development, most people might prefer WordPress to build websites. Undeniably, WordPress is a prominent content management system (CMS) or you can call a reputed web development platform. Different types of people use it to create a diverse range of solutions be it a website or a blog. WordPress has captured more than 60% of the CMS market which is a true testimony to its popularity. But how fruitful is it to have a WordPress website today? Here we will look at the 7 alluring benefits of choosing WordPress website development and find out how fruitful is this platform for you today.

Benefits of having choosing WordPress

  1. Free and open-source

Probably, this is a very crucial benefit of WordPress which is attracted to many entrepreneurs. WordPress is an open-source platform. Therefore, people can download it as well as utilize it for free for their projects. As an open-source CMS, the source code of this platform is freely available to everyone and can use it as one pleases. Hence, it comes with a completely freehand, one can modify the code to build robust solutions.

  1. Ease of use

Another premier advantage of WordPress is its ease of use. It is considered to be a very easy website development platform that anyone can use without knowing to code. It is so easy that you feel like browsing in a web browser. Having a well-structured and clean admin interface, that offers an uncluttered and appealing user experience. It allows creating web pages, posts, publishing posts, and more easily more the admin interface. It is convenient to create and set up a decent website with this platform.

  1. Excellent community support

An enticing fact about WordPress is that it holds a huge community of supporters. The community comprises different stakeholders and users whether beginners or experienced. They share their knowledge and experience on WordPress’s community site and other community platforms. The community is responsible for providing helpful resources to fix issues and provide new solutions. So, if you use WordPress, you will have the opportunity to incentivize the community regarding issues or general support.

  1. Built-in blogging system

WordPress was started as a blogging platform and now it has transformed into a comprehensive CMS with broad functionalities. Blog publishing is an important activity for websites that promote their products and services. With such an activity, the website owners get an opportunity to create and publish quality content for their audiences and derive web traffic along with ample user engagement.

  1. User-friendly interface.

The most alluring advantage of WordPress is the user-friendly interface. It allows website owners to perform varied tweaks and adjustments in the website from within the admin interface of their websites. The interface is so easy that everyone can use WordPress irrespective of technical knowledge.

  1. No need for coding

WordPress has lots of tools and features that offer comprehensive options for web development without any coding skills. If you want to build a website then hire a web developer to create the desired website because a professional can deliver the right solution as per your unique needs. However, you can also create a decent website with WordPress and you will not find any difficulty pertaining to coding. It is a great platform that is user-friendly and offers extensive features to create, manage, and control a website. You don’t need to write a single line of code when using this amazing web development platform. Hence coding is not a barrier for you to build a website using WordPress CMS.

Blog publishing is an important activity for websites that promote their products and services. You can add an editorial calendar plugin to your site to make planning your upcoming posts even easier. With such an activity, the website owners get an opportunity to create and publish quality content for their audiences and derive web traffic along with ample user engagement.

Here are the key points about how investing in a WordPress website is fruitful:

SEO-friendly sites:

WordPress provides lots of benefits to users including search engine friendliness. If you choose this platform for your website, you will have an SEO-friendly website.  This is because WordPress is a search engine-friendly CMS, so it’s a good option to build high-ranking websites. The platform has an SEO-friendly structure and supports many search engine-friendly features like metadata, optimized media, and more. Hence choosing WordPress for websites is fruitful if you want better visibility of your site in the SERPs.

Advanced functionality with plugins:

Features and functionality make a website more interactive and capable. Your WordPress website comes with many default functionality after setting up on the WordPress CMS. However, businesses need more functionalities to perform numerous operations. These additional features fulfill their unique requirements and they can acquire these functionalities by the use of plugins. It is easy to get desired plugins on WordPress. The platform offers a huge variety of plugins that offer both simple and complex functionalities. With these plugins, businesses can append more features to their websites and enhance their functionalities.

Mobile-ready websites:

Mobile-friendly websites are indispensable to reach every last person in your target audience. The main reason for this is the rising number of mobile users that have outnumbered desktop users. So, you can get more web traffic from mobile devices compared to desktops. WordPress enables you to build mobile-friendly or responsive websites. Mobile optimization is inevitable for a website to tap the mobile users and deliver a superior experience across different platforms like mobiles or desktops. WordPress offers lots of responsive themes and many of them are also free. You can build mobile-friendly websites with these responsive website themes while customizing the site as per your preferences. Just choose the right responsive theme for your site to get a pleasing mobile-friendly website in no time.

Plenty of themes:

One business is unique from others so its demands and needs also differentiate from others. Hence it needs a distinct website to stand out from the rest of the businesses in its domain. Themes are the best way to give a unique and customized appearance to a business website. And, WordPress offers ample options of website themes that enable users to create a unique appearance for their websites. With customization, website owners can build peerless and attractive websites.

By doing this, you can create a custom WordPress website that meets your distinct requirements and provides a unique look to your business. WordPress offers complete freedom in terms of customization and you can take advantage of this platform to develop well-customized websites. You can consult a WordPress development company to develop the perfect website with the help of a professional.

Wrapping up:

WordPress is counted among the best content management systems and it is widely utilized for the development of varied websites be it a blog, eCommerce store, or a corporate web portal. The CMS has rich functionalities that offer convenient means of creating, controlling, and managing websites. Besides so many features, the platform offers a simple admin interface to do all website customization work as well as provide extensive content publishing features. It allows adding media files as well as offers a quick way to create, edit, or modify web pages.

You need to hire a WordPress developer to get help for developing a good website for your business. Investing in WordPress development is quite fruitful and can give the desired results even today. The huge amount of themes and plugins that are available for users enable them to customize their websites fully and build the site to meet their specific business needs.

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