Mobile apps have so much impact on our lives and we use mobile apps for almost everything. The average time people use mobile phones is four hours per day, of which 3 hours and 35 minutes of time is spent on mobile apps.

People use their mobile phones for plenty of activities. Online shopping occupies 71% of the share, meaning businesses must consider mobile commerce for their sales growth.

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Also, Mobile commerce sales are growing year by year and it has no indication of stopping. Hence, it is worth investing in mobile apps for eCommerce businesses.

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These statistics show that mobile is and will be the most powerful marketing medium for brands. Investing in Mobile App Development is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between brands and customers. Especially for D2C businesses, shifting to mobile commerce is a viable choice to target more audiences. Let’s learn more about mobile commerce for D2C and how it can help prominently grow business.

Why do D2C Businesses need Mobile Apps?

D2C (direct-to-customers) business approach means a company directly sells or promotes its products to customers removing the need for any intermediates. D2C businesses independently manufacture, promote, sell, and ship their products. D2C businesses have complete control over their products, marketing strategy, and brand message.

The number of D2C business owners is getting popular changing business perspectives. The unique selling point for D2C brands is their brand identity and culture for an exclusive buying experience. D2C businesses need to think of out-of-the-box shopping experiences to stay ahead of the competition.

D2C businesses usually take advantage of social media channels to acquire customers. D2C eCommerce Mobile app can help enhance the experience for brands and targeted customers. D2C companies start by targeting audiences through social media channels and then move to an app-based approach to expand reach.

How can Native Apps Enhance your D2C Business?

Here are a few points that will tell you how mobile apps can propel business growth and brand identity for D2C businesses and provide excellent customer experience.

Build Company-Client Relationship

Using a mobile app you can have direct engagement with your customers. Apps allow you to interact better with your audience and create a bond with them. Send push notifications to customers about new updates and launches. Push notifications help to communicate directly with your targeted audience. Features like chat can reinforce strong relationships with your customers. 

Personalized User Experience

A mobile app can cater to providing personalized brand experiences to customers. The app data can help to create marketing tactics and products that resonate with the customer’s requirements. Using customers’ browsing and purchasing behavior, you can generate product recommendations, personalized promotions, and offer customized services. Personalized user experience helps to gain more customers and increase customer lifetime value. 

Convert More Leads

The biggest challenge for D2C business owners is converting users into customers. Mobile apps offer one-click payment, thus simplifying the checkout process. Customers can quickly place orders without entering their card details every time. Bring back abandoned sales by sending push notifications to customers on their mobile phones. Moreover, compared to desktop ads, mobile ads have a better conversion ratio. 

Attract Mobile-First Users

Customers’ shopping behaviour is changing after the pandemic. Mobile is the preferred mode of shopping for customers as it provides ease and convenience. Hence, D2C businesses must think mobile-first marketing strategy looking into the shopping behaviour change of the targeted audience. Having a mobile app, D2C companies can enhance the user experience by providing a mobile-centric buying experience.

How to Easily Create D2C Mobile Apps via MageComp Mobile Commerce Solutions?

MageComp Mobile App Builder helps to easily build a native mobile app for eCommerce with no coding requirement. The mobile app builder has excellent features which you can find below:

  • Banner Slider: Attractive banners on the mobile app dashboard to highlight discounts and new launch products and draw customers’ attention.
  • Brand Slider: A separate section for top brands to help customers quickly shop from their favourite brands.
  • Featured Products: Bring new arrivals, top-selling products, featured products, and personal product recommendations into the spotlight on the mobile app homepage. 
  • Push Notifications: Send mobile push notifications to inform customers about new products, discount offers, or any news and updates. 
  • Social Login: Streamline the login process by providing a social login option for the eCommerce mobile app.
  • Currency Switcher: Target the global audience by offering a currency switch option on the mobile app, thus improving the customer experience.
  • Advanced Search: Improve customer navigation on the mobile app with advanced search and filter options.
  • Coupon Codes: Encourage customers to buy more by smoothly applying coupon codes during checkout.
  • Shipping & Payment Methods: The mobile app builder supports various shipping and payment options to provide convenience to customers.
  • Themes: The mobile app has various theme options that you can select based on your business type.

Examples of Top D2C Websites Converted to Apps

The below direct-to-consumer brands noticed commendable growth after switching to mobile apps.

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches is a leading D2C brand selling high-quality watches at affordable prices. They observed an increase in conversion rates after switching to the mobile app.


HelloFresh is a meal kit company that provides fresh ingredients and recipes to help people cook healthy meals at home. They witnessed an increase in the number of customers using their service after getting into the mobile app.


Glossier sells makeup and beauty products to customers. They stepped into the mobile app and noted significant growth in customer engagement and sales.

Summing Up

A D2C business mobile app can give exposure to stay ahead in the competitive market, witness growth, and help connect better with the audience. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to adopt a new sales strategy for D2C business by investing in the mobile app.

With MageComp Mobile App Solutions, you can quickly build a super powerful mobile app with full-fledged features without any technical skills. Get your app for android and iOS both in minimal time.

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