Rise of Ecommerce and Magento Based Development

Due to the arrival of new technologies, people across the world are now preferring to buy things online then giving a visit to the traditional brick and mortar stores. This is the Ecommerce boom which is being felt in the market by all the stakeholders including the retailers, ecommerce website owners and also the customers. That’s why as Ecommerce crossed multi-trillion-dollar mark, hundreds and thousands of ecommerce websites and online retail stores have come up across the globe.

The question now is if you are a retailer and now wants to taste the success of ecommerce then what procedure you should follow to build your online retail store which can be accessed by users from a wide area. Actually, there are many ways and platforms for building Ecommerce websites. You can create them using online website builders or using any open source Ecommerce platform. For best results, you should Hire Magento Developer and go for Magento based ecommerce store development.

For many years Magento eCommerce shopping cart software has retained its position as the most popular and most widely used Ecommerce platform due to its awesome features, great capabilities and a wide range of themes, templates, and extensions. Good thing is that there are lots of expert Magento developers in the market to hire to build a professional ecommerce store. To truly encash the benefits of Magento platform and get an insight into Magento based Ecommerce website development, you have to hire these developers on an hourly basis or fixed cost basis.

In this article, we give you clear reasons why to go for Magento based flexible E-commerce Shopping Cart development. We are going to tell you about the features, capabilities, and benefits of Magento Ecommerce platform. We will also tell you about the major challenges in the ecommerce industry that Magento solves easily.

Introduction to Magento Ecommerce Platform

Magento is the leading open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. It is one of the most popular open ecommerce systems in the network. Magento source code is distributed under Open Source Initiative. Till now more than 1,00,000 online stores have been built on this platform. The platform code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and $155 billion worth of goods have been sold through Magento based systems in 2019. Magento accounts for about 30% of the total ecommerce market share.

Magento is the second most popular ecommerce platform in 2019. The total share of the Magento platform in the CMS market is about 1.9% worldwide. This is a good figure in this highly competitive market.

Market share of leading e-commerce software platforms and technologies worldwide in 2017

Market share of leading e commerce software platforms and technologies worldwide in 2017

Look at this research report which says that around 79% of the American people do their shopping from Ecommerce sites. That means 8 out of 10 Americans are now shopping online.  About 51% have used their mobile phones to buy something and 15 % purchased after clicking through on a link shared on social media. These all statistics are possible due to the use of ecommerce platforms like Magento which is the best platform for startup ecommerce businesses.

Let’s now discuss the reasons why you should build an eCommerce store with Magento platform.

Top Reasons for Using Magento for Building Flexible Ecommerce Websites

  • Magento is Open Source

magento is open source

One of the main reasons why Magento is the top choice of ecommerce website developers is due to its open-source nature.  That means anyone who knows about Magento website development can use it for his benefit. The Magento community Edition i.e. CE is available free of cost and developers can easily install or use any version of Magento CE.

Developers can also customize Magento source code as per their custom requirements. Also, there are so many open-source Magento modules which the Magento developers can use to enhance the features, functionalities, and performance of their Ecommerce online store.  There is a huge library of Magento 2 Extensions available to enhance your store performance.

  • Magento Community

Magento is much ahead of its competitors in terms of its popularity and usage. One of the main reasons for this is the active participation of the Magento community in its development and in the resolution of queries raised by Magento developers in these online communities.

This huge Magento community comprises of sincere developers, programmers, project managers, product managers, CEOs and bloggers around the world who play active roles in these Magento communities every day. If you as a developer faces any issue with your Magento ecommerce website, you will surely get help from the Magento community. This way you can easily and speedily resolve your issues.

  • Magento was Created to Be a Dedicated Ecommerce Platform

Magento ecommerce platform was created specifically to create ecommerce websites. Hence, Magento soon became the default CMS for all online businesses. Now, Magento eCommerce website is a synonym to a Successful Ecommerce store.

As developers have developed Magento for creating ecommerce websites hence they have provided all the required features and functions which should be present in a powerful and successful online store. Therefore, Magento is the perfect CMS for ecommerce stores that offer complete ecommerce solutions along with simple as well as complex features and designs.

  • Magento Delivers High Performance

Magento Delivers High Performance

When we talk about the performance parameters like page load time, query processing time and other static or dynamic operations then Magento ecommerce platform is a clear winner. Magento based websites always deliver high performance while using minimal server and system resources.

Research reports say that if the website takes more than 2-3 seconds to load then most of the website visitors skip the site and goes for other competitors’ websites. Magento along with the latest technologies like FPC, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, and optimized database options helps the ecommerce websites to deliver superior performances and make the potential customers stay on the site and purchase things.

  • Magento is Easy to Integrate

magento integration

Magento for ecommerce websites allows you to integrate quickly with a large number of third-party services including database applications, payment gateways, transportation, shipping, order tracking and more. Magento ecommerce websites can also be integrated easily with other CMS, ERP, APIs and other pre-existing software. These can also be easily integrated with ready-made plugins and extensions created by other developers.

Magento platform also offers inbuilt Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout to help you monitor and analyze your website’s performance and provides you updates about the latest Magento ecommerce trends.

  • Magento is Modular and Customizable

Magento is being used to build ecommerce websites for all kinds of industries and sectors. Each of these industries has different requirements and different scopes. For example, the requirements of the fashion industry will be different than that of the furniture industry.

The Magento Ecommerce platform gives its users the kind of flexibility to customize it based on the specific industry requirements. Also, as Magento is an open-source platform and it was built primarily for ecommerce, Magento is highly modular and customizable. This feature enables this online shopping platform to retain the robust backend while allowing the alteration of the front-end to give users a pleasant, user-friendly and enriching experience.

  • Magento is SEO Friendly

magento seo

Magento is one of the best Ecommerce platforms available in the market which is SEO friendly. Other than hosting all of your information it also helps your website in such a way so that it starts coming at the top of the search engine results.

Developers can configure the Magento Ecommerce platform to enter metadata and descriptions for products and categories, sitemaps for search engines including Google and control over URLS and much more. Magento CMS enhancements can also increase the search engine visibility through the development of unique online store pages which are far better than that of competitors.

  • Magento is Mobile Friendly

magento mobile

Magento is highly mobile-friendly as it supports mobile-friendly responsive designs and the implementation of Google’s preferred techniques to optimize mobile sites. This can be accomplished through Magento’s responsive design reference theme which can be altered for different product types and features.

Using Magento even responsive emails and newsletter can be configured for mobile users which enable customers to read notifications and promotional emails on their smartphones easily. Also, mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio is also very beneficial for a reliable and fast front-end development cycle.

The Magento platform supports HTML5 to maximize the shopping experience on mobile. It also has the ability to adjust the image size and supports video. Hence, in the Magento eCommerce website, you can do as much customization as you like. It also has an inbuilt drag and drop feature which provides an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

  • Excellent Technical Support

To make an online business successful which is scalable and undertaking lots of transactions, it is very important for it to provide excellent technical support 24*7 so that the ecommerce website application is up and running all the time without showing even a single issue. Magento helps in achieving this in many ways. Magento knowledge base, self-help resources, help, and Magento business intelligence provide a solution to each and every question that arises during the application development cycle.

Good thing is that Magento is backed with a top-quality official documentation which is supported by a very large community of Magento developers and technical experts.


We have just discussed how ecommerce is changing the face of shopping experience of users and why Magento is the best solution for building your flexible ecommerce website. Magento provides all those benefits which make Magento the most versatile, reliable, customizable and flexible Ecommerce website development platform.

That’s why Magento is the number one choice for retailers and developers when it comes to an advanced ecommerce platform. Developers like it because of its flexibility, retailers love is because of its vast number of features and functionalities and users love it because of its capability to make highly user-friendly and effective ecommerce websites. Hence, the best way to launch your ecommerce business is contacting and hiring a Magento Development Company which is an expert in Magento ecommerce development.

Either you can hire Software developer on a fixed cost basis or you can even hire e-commerce developer or Magento Developer on an hourly basis and there are so many offshore software development companies out there in the market which can provide these services to you at an affordable rate. One thing is sure – once your Magento based eStore is ready, you will be on the path of certain success of your business.

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