Which eCommerce platform to choose?

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What payment options should be provided to customers?

What shipping methods to be used?

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How much will it cost to build an eCommerce website?

Magento #1 Choose for eCommerce Store

Magento 2 merchant beta version released in 2015 is a highly improved and optimized version of the Magento platform. It offers greater flexibility to the users and the developers and has a different architecture as compared to Magento 1.x Versions. As of now, two versions of Magento are available:

Magento Commerce (Enterprise Edition) and Magento Open Source (Community Edition). If you are looking for a sophisticated eCommerce store, you can choose Magento Commerce (Enterprise Cloud Edition). It is a unique system that is capable of managing huge websites efficiently. Magento is a reliable platform that is used for delivering amazing user experience.

Go for Magento 2 if you’re looking for an eye-catchy and fully functional eCommerce website. This platform is trusted by thousands of developers for creating a highly engaging and robust eCommerce website. Big giants like Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, and Nike have been using Magento eCommerce platform since years. It powers one-fifth of the eCommerce websites online. Small to medium commercial enterprises use Magento to build their website.

Why Choose Magento? Check out below 13 Superior ways that insist you that build eCommerce website in Magento:

  1. It is Open Source:

Being an open-source CMS platform, Magento offers unique features and useful extensions that lead to the development of efficient eCommerce Solutions. As the code is open source in nature, developers get a lot of support from the active community and this helps them deliver quality codes. Magento is a powerful platform that offers great flexibility to the developers as well as users.

  1. Dedicated to eCommerce:

It offers built-in features such as a dashboard, inventory management, product bundling, customer segmentation, multi-lingual support, promotional pricing, and cross and up-selling options and this is what makes Magento a preferred choice for eCommerce solutions.

  1. Offers great flexibility:

Magento is an open source platform that allows the users to get complete control over their website — both front-end and backend. Without ant technical skills or knowledge, the website owners can manage their website on their own. Even Magento developers get a good amount of flexibility to create the stunning user experience.

  1. Supportive community:

The Magento platform has a huge community of developers and service providers to help programmers if they are stuck anywhere during the development process. Developers may come across several problems and roadblocks while developing a website. If there are any issues during development, the developers can seek help from people in the community and fix them easily. It helps them save a lot of time and efforts.

  1. Extensions and functionality:

Magento comes with a huge amount of extensions and functionality. Think of extensions like apps for your mobile phone — they are important aspects of the code that can be added to build a website. Most of the eCommerce retailers prefer to choose “one-page checkout” extensions to improve the user experience. There can be an extension that displays the product categories in both grid and list view. Free extensions and paid extensions can improve the look and functionality of your eCommerce store. Though Magento is not the only platform that offers an extension to add the desired functionality, Magento extensions offer a great degree of freedom and flexibility to optimize the website.

  1. SEO Friendly:

Magento is known to be an SEO-friendly platform that comes with several built-in features such as SEO friendly URLs, Sitemaps, meta-tags, layered navigation, URL Rewrites, Descriptions, and more. Once you build a website using Magento, you can expect an SEO optimized store.

  1. Scalable:

Third-party extensions can be used to add new functionality to your Magento web store. It also offers multi-currency support to users. Both administrators and end users get great flexibility with Magento websites.

  1. Multiple websites — One Admin:

Did you know that Magento offers a unique feature that allows the website owners to get full control over multiple eCommerce stores with one single admin panel? You can get the advantage of multi-website handling without any hassle.

  1. Different payment methods:

It’s possible to integrate multiple payment methods with Magento and sell to the greatest number of customers without any constraint. Users can enjoy multiple payment options such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, BrainTree, Worldpay.com, and credit and debit cards.

  1. It is scalable:

If your business grows, Magento grows with it. Being highly scalable, Magento websites can accommodate the growing needs of eCommerce. You can grow your database and increased network traffic also.

  1. Analytics:

Magento can be integrated with useful analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google base to track the activities and performance of the eCommerce store. Website owners can get an idea about the visits, purchase, cart abandonment, and more.

  1. Responsive website:

Magento comes with responsive themes and so, you can expect responsive eCommerce stores and portals. The webshop will be mobile responsive and so you can expect greater conversions.

  1. Collect data:

eCommerce business largely depends on collecting a huge amount of data for the shoppers. Website owners can get details about the pages browsed by users, buying trends, how much time visitors spend on the pages with this platform. Magento offers comprehensive reports that can be used by marketers to make the eCommerce business grow.

Magento is born to be an eCommerce platform. You can look for hire Magento developers to develop mobile-friendly eCommerce store. The eCommerce industry changes very rapidly and Magento can be used to build a future-ready online shop to deliver the best products and services and enhance customer satisfaction. Millions of websites are powered with Magento. If you’re planning to build a webshop, you can choose Magento to get the best solutions at cost-effective prices. Magento 2 promises better speed and performance. It also enhances the user experience and is compatible with most of the third-party technologies.

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