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This technical blog fixes the problem of Show Double Thumbnail Image When Select Configurable Products in Magento 2. Previously I shared How to Add Custom Layout Dropdown on CMS Page after Magento 2.3.4. Let’s look at the issue elaborately and solve it ?

Magento 2 supports different product types to bifurcate wide range of products accordingly. One of the product types is a configurable product, that provides options like color, size, etc. The options contain separate SKUs. Let us find out the problem with configurable products in Magento 2.


Configurable products are added from the admin panel and the images are allocated to each option. Within the product page in the frontend, it shows thumbnails of different images of the product. But as the other option is selected like color or size, it shows repeated thumbnails. This affects the user experience of your store. Thus, the below-mentioned solution will help to overcome this issue.

Solved: Magento 2 Show Double Thumbnail Image When Select Configurable Products

Step 1: Go to the following path


Step 2: Find below code

Replace it with below code :

That is it.


Hence, with the above solution, manage your configurable products’ thumbnails in Magento 2 store. In case of any doubts, you can ask me in the comment part. Also, do share the solution with your Magento friends. See you next time. Until then stay connected for more such solutions.

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