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Today we will know about the top 5 skills you must know before learning React.js.

ReactJS is a JavaScript library used to create elements for websites. ReactJS helps front-end developers to build user interfaces and UI for websites and web applications.

For frontend developers, ReactJS is the most popular library and its popularity is increasing constantly. The websites running on ReactJS look beautiful so developers are attracted to this library. But instead of directly jumping into ReactJS you must know its prerequisites.

So here we will discuss some basic concepts you must know before you jump into learning ReactJS.

Top 5 Skills to Know before Learning ReactJS


You should have a basic knowledge of HTML. Knowing how to write HTML tags will make it easier to grab the concepts of JSX in ReactJS. You must know how to work with and write semantic  HTML tags and how to build a frontend application using HTML.

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Apart from HTML, you should have a good command of writing CSS before you start with ReactJS. You should be able to work with and write CSS selectors and implement a CSS reset.

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Vanilla Javascript

Before jumping into a javascript library or framework, it’s a good idea to learn Vanilla Javascript.

Must-Know Features:

  • ES6 Classes / ES6 Modules
  • Arrow Functions
  • Destructuring Assignment
  • Asynchronous Javascript

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JSX ( Javascript Syntax Extension)

In ReactJS you will work with JSX that looks like HTML. It’s the simplest way to add HTML code inside Javascript. Hence, you must have an understanding of what JSX is before you start learning ReactJS.

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Node + npm Package Manager

NPM (Node Package Manager) is an installer that can help you download and keep track of the packages. When you work with ReactJS you install many smaller software packages that contain files that we needed in our project as well as a module.

Steps to install node module:

npm install from the root directory

Final Say:

This was all about the prerequisites before beginning with ReactJS. If you have any doubts while learning ReactJS, our Professional ReactJS Developers can help you with it. Share the article with someone you know who is willing to learn ReactJS.

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