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I hope that the holidays are going great for you and your Magento store.

Last, We have learned about how you can Restrict Customers/Visitors to Access The Category Page on your website and redirect them to another page.

Today, I am going to explain to you how you can show the order comments on the invoice for Magento 2.

Many times, customers have purchased a product from your website and adds order comments. Admin can view that order comments of customers from the order view page. But there is no option to show those comments in the invoice generated in the back-end or in the form of PDF. This sometimes leads to blunders when delivering the order, which makes customers unsatisfied with the orders and your store.

To make this happen, we have developed a code for your Magento 2 store. These codes, if used, will ease your work and will show the order comments in the invoice and PDF. Thus, saving you from making any blunder and you will have more than a satisfied and happy customer, which is the key to success for any Ecommerce store.

1. First, you need to add di.xml file at the following path:


2. Now, you need to add Invoice.php at the following path:

app\code\Vendor\Extension\Model\Rewrite\Order\Pdf\ Invoice.php

3. Now, you need to create sales_order_invoice_view.xml file at the following path:


4. Now You need to create view.phtml in the following path:

So, using these codes, you will be able to show the order comments in the invoice as well as in PDF also. If you like this article, then share this with your Magneto friends and colleagues. Also, let us know the thoughts in the comments below. If something goes wrong while implementing the codes, then you can contact our support desk at any time, and we will be happy to help you.

Lastly, We want to wish you Happy New Year 2020 in advance?

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