Shopify Editions | Winter ’23 is out on 9 February, 2023.

Shopify Editions is back again with 100+ product updates to help Shopify businesses build for a considerable long period of time.

This Shopify Winter ‘23 Edition focuses on “Built to Last” to encourage brand growth and reach more customers.

Let’s explore what the latest Shopify Edition brings in for Shopify merchants, developers, and partners.

One-Page Checkout

Shopify has introduced a one-page checkout feature in the recent release. The checkout process is streamlined, causing friction-free and quick check-out procedures. With the success of Shopify Pay, one-step checkout offers a faster and smooth order process that results in high conversion rates.

Shopify’s One-Page Checkout Feature provides the following peculiarities:

  • Customers need to enter fewer fields which make the checkout process faster.
  • Higher conversion rates as fewer page loads lead to less friction for customers. 

Shop Promise with SFN

Shopify automatically enables Shopify Promise on storefronts for SFN (Shopify Fulfillment Network) merchants. This allows communication faster and more reliable delivery to customers. It adds a Shop Promise Badge with a delivery date that helps customers checkout confidently and increases conversion rates by up to 25%. Turn visitors into customers by using the Shop Promise feature on your Shopify store.


The all-in-one mobile selling hardware POS Go is Shopify’s most powerful, secure, and revolutionary mobile POS device that easily fits in your hand. Just turn it on and quickly connect to important features to grow your business. The multipurpose mobile POS device helps to track sales, support your staff, view analytics and maintain the connection with your business.

Advanced Shop App

Updates to the Shop App help customers succeed in the mobile age for eCommerce. The new functionality in the Shop App offers tools that are required for creating innovative mobile tactics. The new Shop App includes the following:

Shop Store Customizations

Customize the product descriptions, collections, best sellers, reviews, and branding of the store, which leads to a 15% increase in the products added to the cart and customer engagement. Merchants can take advantage of the ownable mobile experience to escape from the intricacy of building it from scratch.

Shop Minis

Shopify is offering developers a whole new way to build for mobile. The Shop Mini Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to extend the functionality of Shopify Apps to create an advanced shopping experience in-app. The new Shopify edition brings in Shop App functionality that allows developers to build for the future of mobile commerce.

Sign in with Shop

The sign-in with Shop feature allows merchants to easily identify valuable customers before they reach the checkout and streamline the touch points to increase conversion by 8%. Apple and Android users can use facial and fingerprint for signing in for an easier sign-in experience. Merchants can optimize lead capture by providing automatic sign-in for high-value customers and offering a personalized experience like giving discounts at the time of checkout.

Shopify Mobile App Improvements

Shopify Mobile App allows merchants to set up, build, grow, and run businesses anywhere and everywhere. The online store editor allows editing and updating of the look of the store. Shopify Email helps to create custom emails and automate marketing. Shopify Mobile App also allows updating the inventory and tracking the store’s performance.

Hydrogen 2: Built on Remix

Hydrogen and Remix help to build efficient, dynamic, and unique storefronts. A new storefront API is introduced in Hydrogen 2, which makes querying simple, starter templates and CLI that get you running quickly. Remix-optimized components make the hard parts simple. The Remix framework improves performance with advancements like optimistic UI, nested routing, and progressive enhancement.

Official Announcements

Final Thoughts

All in all, Shopify Winter ‘23 Edition presents 100+ new product updates and enhancements using which merchants can create cutting-edge storefront experiences for customers in this fast-growing eCommerce world.

Let us know what you think about these Shopify Winter ‘23 releases in the comments.

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