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The user shopping experience is influenced in part by how you and your customers connect via the contact us page. The Contact Us page acts as a linkage between you and your clients and associates. As a result, you must assure that it is available from every page of your store.

The contact us form is handled from the backend. It can be useful to reduce spam data. As Magento provides an option to collect which data you want it’s easy to classify and collect some specific data from customers or users. Finally, it allows you to serve them more consistently.

However, Magento newcomers may be perplexed while configuring their Magento 2 contact Us form. So in this blog, we are going to discover How To Enable Magento 2 Contact Us Form Back End.

Steps to Enable Magento 2 Contact Us Form

Step 1: Log in to your store backend and proceed to the admin panel, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration

Step2: Expand the Configuration and Select  Contact under the General section. Then go to Contact Us Settings.

Select Contact Us in General Settings

Step 3: Make Sure you uncheck the Use System Value. To Enable Contact Us by default the value will be “Yes” to activate the contact us line.Enable Contact Us option for store view


Step 4: Go to the Email Options section.

Email Options for sender

  • Send Email To: Here you need to enter an admin email or email on which you want to receive contact us inquiries.
  • Email Sender: Pick the store sender you expect to see as the email sender.
  • Email Template: Choose an email template from your existing templates or choose the default template option from the drop-down menu.

Final Say:

Magento is quite useful, but for a beginner, it might be hard to enable some features from the store backend. It’s very mandatory for your store to Increase Store User Experience and add some more features to your store. The Contact Us form is one of the features that increase your store user experience. 

Keep continuing to read my blogs and learn new things.

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