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Meeting the demands and following the trend is a must for all E-commerce stores to enhance user experience. Your customers find it comfortable when the login process of your store is easy. So let us discover in detail why Mobile Login Extension is required for your Magento 2 store.

Why do you need Mobile Login Extension for Your Magento 2 Store?

  • The total number of smartphone users is 73% worldwide which means one cannot ignore the power of mobile phones.
  • People are more convenient with mobile whether it is shopping, registration, payments, or anything else.
  • Mobile phones can be accessed anywhere, anytime thus making it the desired option for login.
  • The easy login process enhances the user experience and makes customers shop from your store.
  • The Mobile App users with multiple Email IDs forgot with which E-mail ID they have registered. With mobile login, there rises no such confusion.
  • Make the login and registration process quick by allowing customers to comfortably log in with their mobile number.
  • Mobile login provides security with OTP login in contrast to Email login.
  • Compared to Email, mobile login is a more preferable option for the users.
  • It allows customers to register, login, or even forgot password with a mobile number.

Meet Our –FREE Mobile Login Extension for Magento 2:

FREE Mobile Login Extension for Magento 2 allows your customers to log in instantly using their registered mobile number.

  • Make the login process easy and faster for your customers.
  • Ready-to-use configuration of extension for your Magento 2 store.
  • Enhance your Magento 2 store functionality with FREE mobile Login Extension.

Let us check out the steps on how you can integrate FREE Mobile Login Extension for your Magento 2 store.

How to set up Mobile Login(OTP Login) For Your Magento 2?

Step 1: Install FREE Mobile Login Extension in your Magento 2 store.

Step 2: When the extension is successfully installed, navigate to Stores > Configuration to configure it.

Enable – The admin can enable and disable the extension from here.

Customer Login with – Choose your preferred option to let the customer login with Mobile Number or Email and Password.

Mobile Login(OTP Login) For Your Magento 2

Step 3: Click Save Config.

Simple as that. You are good to go. Check out the frontend view,

Customer login with, “Mobile Number and Password”.


Customer login with, “Mobile Number/Email and Password”.

Customer login

In case you face difficulty in configuration our support team is all time available to assist you.

Hence, it was all about FREE Mobile Login Extension for Magento 2, its features, and set up. To get more advanced features for Mobile Login, integrate Mobile OTP Login Extension for Magento 2.

Features of Mobile Login Extension for Magento 2:

  • The extension allows customers to easily log in with the help of their registered mobile number by sending the OTP (One Time Password).
  • The customer is able to edit the mobile number as and when required from their My Account section.
  • The plugin allows customers to log in 2 ways: either with a password or with OTP.
  • When the customer attempts a login, a notification is immediately sent to their E-mail address.
  • There is an inbuilt SMS gateway incorporation to send and receive messages along with OTP messages for login.

Pick the one that is a right fit for your Magento 2 store and stay ahead with the E-commerce trend to strengthen the user experience.

Final Words:

Consequently, everyone has incorporated Mobile Login Extension for Magento 2. Feel free to comment on your queries. Help other Magento merchants by sharing the article with them.

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