RES Management is a leading real estate consultant agency that has been a trusted advisor for its clients by assisting them with the complexities of property management, like buying, selling, or leasing a property.

However, despite their established standing in the real estate market, RES Management faced a series of digital marketing and SEO challenges that threatened their online visibility and failed to attract potential customer engagement effectively.

That is when RES came in touch with MageComp. This case study is about a detailed insight into the challenges they faced and the strategies we used to resolve the issues.

Challenges and Solutions

1. Page Indexing

Page indexing is crucial to making a website rank on the search engine results. However, the client’s official website struggled with indexing issues, where certain website pages were not being crawled and indexed properly by the search engine bots. As the important pages were not being indexed and considered for ranking, the website faced poor visibility in the search results.


To resolve this page indexing issue on the client’s website, our SEO experts created an updated sitemap and submitted it for reindexing through Google Search Console. By doing this, all relevant pages of their website were properly organized and accessible to search engine crawlers. This action helped the website improve its visibility, ultimately leading to better indexing and increased chances of appearing in search engine result pages (SERPs) for relevant search queries.

2. Low Keyword Rankings

Despite targeting relevant keywords related to their services and industry trends, RES faced difficulties in achieving high keyword rankings in the SERPs. This limited their organic traffic potential, as their website was not appearing prominently for exact search queries.


Low keyword rankings are the most common problem faced by multiple online websites. As a solution to this problem, we conducted deep keyword research focused on local search terms relevant to their target market areas.

By identifying and prioritizing location-specific keywords related to real estate services, we ensured that the website’s content aligned with local users’ search queries. Incorporating headings helps to improve relevance and visibility in local search results,

3. On-page Issues

The website suffered from various on-page SEO issues, including missing meta tags, title, descriptions, poor URL structures, and duplicate content across pages. These issues negatively impacted the website’s search performance and hindered efforts to improve rankings and visibility.


As part of on-page issues solution strategies, we optimized meta titles and descriptions for each property page based on targeted keywords, enhancing their relevance and visibility in search results. Additionally, we revamped URLs to be more SEO-friendly, improving search engine crawling and indexing.

Content was added to underperforming pages to enhance relevance and engagement, accompanied by the inclusion of high-quality images to enrich user experience. Furthermore, we rectified the presence of multiple H1 tags, ensuring proper HTML structure for improved search engine optimization.

4. Website Development Issues

Having a highly functional and updated website is very important in this cutthroat competitive market. RES’s website suffered from technical glitches and had an outdated website infrastructure posing multiple challenges, like slow page loading time, broken links, and compatibility issues across different devices and browsers, affecting user experience and hindering search engine optimization efforts.


Your website is the digital print of your business, which is why it is extremely necessary to keep it updated. To solve the website development issues, our SEO experts first worked on the website speed by optimization techniques to enhance user experience and reduce bounce rates.

Once these issues were resolved, experts worked on the footer area by removing unnecessary links, ensuring a cleaner and more user-friendly navigation experience. Adding more to this, an HTML sitemap was added to make the navigation much easier for both search engine crawlers and users. At last, the issues raised by Google Search Console were promptly addressed to ensure optimal website performance and search engine visibility.

5. Low Domain Authority

Although RES is a trusted real estate agency, its website’s low domain authority indicated a lack of trustworthiness and authority in terms of search engine algorithms, making it difficult for RES to compete with other well-established industry players and rank higher in search results.


Domain authority is all about high-quality backlink-building strategies, which come by creating new profiles on reputable platforms, such as business directories and forums. This helps in establishing the agency’s online presence.

Along with this, we regularly added fresh, informative blog content related to the latest real estate trends (like GIFT City), market insights, and industry updates. This not only attracted more visitors but also encouraged other websites to link back, improving the website’s domain authority and search engine ranking.

6. Local SEO

Once again, RES did have a strong reputation in the local market, but it failed to present its business on the local search results on search engines. In simple words, RES’s business was invisible to other people (except the business’s references). This made the business toil for searches related to their target market areas, limiting their ability to attract local clients and capitalize on potential business opportunities in specific geographic regions.


Local SEO is an underrated term that is ignored by the admin’s majority of the time. Hence, our experts actively focused on optimizing their Google My Business (GMB) profile. This involved regular updating of essential business information like business address, contact number, and business’s working hours to ensure accuracy and consistency across online platforms.

Adding more to this, we posted property listings, market updates, and client reviews directly on their GMB profile. This helped in maintaining an active and engaging presence on GMB, and eventually RES witnessed improvement in their visibility in local search results, attracting more potential clients in their target market areas.


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