Playbox India is an online toy store that houses a huge variety of open-ended toys that encourage your children to create something new from their imagination every time they play with those toys.

Their online store had never had an SEO audit before, had very low organic leads and traffic, and the highly competitive market made it difficult for their keywords to rank on the SERPs. Playbox India hired us to help their business get organic leads and get high keyword rankings.

Marketing Challenges & Solutions

Case 1: Needed SEO from Scratch


During the website audit, our digital marketers and SEO experts encountered tons of serious issues that needed to be examined and fixed from their roots. Also, the website had a less compelling user experience which contributed to high bounce rates.

Giving the website a complete makeover was the only solution left for us. Though it was never an easy task, we have always believed in accepting new challenges and changes and started our work immediately.


Everything needs to be done step by step, and an on-page SEO audit was our first step. The main reason for taking on-page SEO first is to optimize the web page because that is the first thing a user encounters. A thorough on-page SEO optimization improves a website’s search engine ranks as it can easily understand the website content and rank your website on Google according to the user’s search query, which attracts organic traffic, more revenue and conversion rates.

We audited the website’s 200+ on-page ranking factors with the best SEO software tools like SEMRush, AHREFS, Screaming Frog, MozPro, and many others because the website needed many on-page improvements for high SERPs. Our SEO experts suggested the required modifications according to the issues which needed to be implemented so that Google could notice the website.

The client implemented our suggested on-page SEO modifications, and within a short period of time, their website gradually started to rank on Google SERPs, and they also witnessed a significant increase in terms of organic sales and traffic.

Case 2: No/Less Organic Leads & Traffic


Zero organic traffic = zero keyword rankings on the SERPs. The website lacked the most important part of the website, its quality content, which jammed search engines like Google from understanding the website and identifying it according to the user’s search query. Hence, zero organic leads. In simple terms, the website never existed for search engines.


After completing major and important on-page activities, we started our second step, the off-page activities. We set up an XML sitemap via Google Search Console so that website URLs could easily crawl in Google index, started to create backlinks, conducted social media marketing and content optimization with targeted keywords and incorporated those targeted keywords into various web pages.

We also conducted an optimization of the page titles, URLs and Meta descriptions to help the website rank higher. Furthermore, we added SEO-rich ALT tags to the website images so that search engines can identify the images too.

Case 3: High Keyword Competition


Another challenging task ahead of us was a very high keyword competition. The competitive keywords had great search volumes, making it difficult for us beat the competitors and rank our client’s website on Google rankings. 


The higher the keyword competition, the more difficult it will be to rank the website on Google rankings and dominate competitors. The keyword research helped us conclude the market’s competition level and focus sharply on the targeted keywords because the client’s business possessed a very high keyword competition.

To cope with such a high keyword competition, we strategically researched and analyzed the website’s keywords with premium keyword research tools like MozPro, Keyword Planner and SEMRush. The deep keyword analysis made us discover the intense keyword competition, but the keyword ranking results are the ones that matter most. Ultimately, we incorporated the targeted keywords into the website content consequently.

Case 4: Needed Improvement in User Experience


Though the website was complete regarding the user interface, it violated the user experience rules. The website took more than 3 seconds of page loading time, which increased the website’s bounce rates. The website did not hold any content appropriately, making the users hard to understand the website and find what they were looking for.


The website was loaded full of high-resolution images, which slowed the website’s page loading time. Our SEO marketers took support from the development team to get rid off of this obstacle.

In addition, there were certain product pages where product descriptions weren’t compelling enough. Any potential customer would refer to product details before buying the item. Considering this fact, we requested the client to write product descriptions comprehensively.

The client was very cooperative and implemented all our suggested points & modifications. As an outcome, we got the following fruitful result.


SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp

Take a look at some real evidence of their domain and increase in their traffic

SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp

SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp

SEO Case Study of Playbox India by MageComp

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