Hyrem is a leading provider of best-quality dinnerware and glassware products in Malaysia. Their products emphasize beautiful historical art and designs to commemorate the historical culture. They came to us with a low-ranking website and an unappealing website look. Their website has seen significant growth in traffic after they worked with MageComp. In addition, MageComp gave the website an attractive look with enhanced UI/UX that helped improve the end-user experience.


Case 1: Website was “fresher” for SEO


The biggest challenge for the marketing team was that the website required the complete technical on-page audits to resonate with search engines’ guidelines. The website needed absolute optimization to boost traffic which is obviously hard to achieve. But our team accepted this challenge and they got the job done as expected.


SEO is crucial for online websites to rank higher and increase traffic. As the website was fresher for SEO, it required a lot of amendments. First of all, the website was tested with premium tools for modifications. The team analyzed 200+ on-page ranking factors. With analysis, we found that improvements are needed to get higher rankings on search engine results pages and accordingly, the suggestions were given to the client for his perusal.

The development and marketing teams cooperated and coordinated each other to improve the website’s performance and rankings. We brought changes to the home page banners and sliders to make the site look appealing. Our creative designers showed their creativity with attractive images on their website, while our experienced content writers optimized the webpage content incorporating targeted keywords into content. The payment and checkout processes were made faster for better shopping experience.

Optimized images, polished content, and higher page speed are all factors that matter for SEO. The team worked enthusiastically to get the desired results.

Case 2: Zero organic traffic to website


Another challenge for us was organic traffic. Zero organic traffic means not even a single keyword was ranking on search engines. The website lacked top-notch quality content. Due to this search engines did not consider any of the website pages for ranking and they observed no traffic at all. In other words, the website was invisible in the search engine results pages.


Firstly we performed an XML sitemap set up via Google Search Console, which helps in crawling the URLs successfully in Google’s index. Then we focused on installing various SEO extensions. Schema markups for different areas of the website were initialized to let Google understand the webpage content better. We followed an internal linking structure where the links of major web pages were added to the blogs, product pages, and other pages. We also added image tag optimization by adding alt tags to enhance search engine rankings.

We adapted content optimization as well. The targeted keywords were incorporated into the product description. And finally, all the efforts worked. 50+ keywords started ranking in the top #10 positions. They also started observing traffic to their site.

Case 3: The website was lacking attractive user interface


Their website had very limited & simple graphics and visuals, which created a bad user experience for the customers. Low-quality images distracted the users and resulted in high cart abandonment. The website lacked attracting visitors, so the bounce rate increased gradually.


We suggested several design changes to make the website attractive in terms of UX. We added high-resolution graphics to give it a better appearance and behaviour. The website design was fancified to make it compatible with the latest trends. The look and feel of the website were changed entirely to attract customers. We even added website banners to create a focal point for the visitors and highlight their top-selling products.

Working on improving the user interface for Hyrem, they noticed a substantial decrease in bounce rates. Also, the session time per user was increased because of this change. They even observed growth in customer engagement and acquired new customers. Changes in the website’s user interface also improved user interaction with the site.


bounce rate decrease

users increased

improvements in pages

average session duration increased

Here is the real evidence of their domain and increase in their traffic

traffic increase

traffic graph

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