Facet Of Love is a jewelry store that sells beautifully designed traditional & modern Mangalsutras. They possess stylish yellow, white, and red gold Mangalsutras with a traditional touch. Their business lacked organic traffic from Google and wanted to drive sales from Google, Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop. Our team, at MageComp, conducted on-page audit reports and off-page activities to gain the maximum sales & revenue.


Case 1: Initiating SEO procedure from the beginning


Examining the website, we found it tough to bring the required traffic, we looked for its cause. While examining, we discovered that the website needed a complete makeover of technical on-page audits to resonate with search engines’ guidelines. This was a challenging task, but we did not give up and started to get the work done.


On-page SEO is about optimizing web pages to improve search engine rankings and acquire organic traffic. On-page SEO helps search engines understand website content better and identify whether the content matches the user’s query. And if Google understands the website better, it will benefit in achieving higher rankings, more conversions and revenue.

Our client’s website needed on-page improvements for higher rankings. Hence, firstly we tested and analyzed 200+ on-page ranking factors with premium tools like AHREFS, SEMRush, Majestic, Screaming Frog, Keyword.io, MozPro, Ubersuggest etc. After evaluating, we found that the website requires a lot of on-page and off-page changes to rank higher. Our expert SEO team suggested modifications to be implemented to get the website noticed by Google.

After implementing on-page SEO, their website started getting ranked gradually in the Google search. They noticed significant growth in traffic and sales.

Case 2: Initially no traffic from the organic channel


Before we started SEO for them, not a single keyword was ranking in the top ten positions on search engines. The content was not optimized, so it was refraining the website from ranking on the first page of Google.


People coming to a website from the organic results of search engines is termed organic traffic. Users visiting your website from the organic results are more likely to convert as they have a specific intent. Bringing organic traffic to the website is very important as it helps increase revenue. 

To increase organic traffic to their website, we optimized the content with targeted keywords. We analyzed what people are searching for based on their business industry and incorporated the targeted keywords into different web pages of their store. We also optimized page titles, Meta descriptions and URLs for higher visibility on search engine. Moreover, we added SEO-friendly image ALT tags to product images so that Google can better understand what the image is about.

Finally, we got the results. After a lot of content and image optimization, around 60 keywords started ranking in the top #10 positions.

Case 3: Establishing Facebook Shop & Instagram Shop


This was a major challenge for the SEO team. Our client wanted to set up Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop to convert followers into customers and target more users. Our client’s business is in the USA and we are in India. India has no commerce eligibility for having Facebook Shop & Instagram Shop. The marketing team faced plenty of challenges as the Facebook account was getting restricted frequently because of the Indian IP address.


Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop make the shopping experience seamless for customers by allowing them to purchase without leaving the platform. The store owner can easily set up Facebook and Instagram Shops and integrate products from the existing eCommerce platform.

As we are based in India, we were unable to set up Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop from the Indian IP. For this, we required complete support from our client to accomplish the task. We connected with our client through remote access software like AnyDesk and TeamViewer. Working remotely, we carried out each task like managing a business account, commerce account, catalog, configuring Facebook pixel, product feed, etc., by taking support from the Meta Support team.

Ultimately we succeeded in establishing Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop for our client’s business account. Customers have started buying products from Facebook and Instagram and the client’s business is winning hearts.



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