In today’s world, where many people desire modern homes, Rudhigat is an online eCommerce store that sells handmade Indian handicrafts and home decor. They aim to preserve the ancient Indian art culture and bring it into modern homes.

Rudhigat contacted us for assistance with their online store in January 2023. Despite being in a highly competitive market, they had never undergone an SEO audit, had sluggish website behavior, and struggled with low organic leads and traffic. We aimed to help them improve their keyword rankings and generate more organic leads.

Challenges and Solutions

Case 1 – A fresh SEO start


After conducting a meticulous website audit, our digital marketers and SEO experts unearthed many critical issues that demanded a comprehensive examination and resolution from their cores.

Furthermore, upon assessing the website’s user experience, we discovered that it lacked the necessary engagement to keep users on the site, resulting in high bounce rates.

Upon careful consideration, we concluded that a complete overhaul of the website was imperative. Although daunting, we embraced new challenges and changes and promptly began working towards a more effective and user-friendly website.


It’s important to take a step-by-step approach and have patience to improve your website’s SEO. Our first step was conducting an on-page SEO audit, crucial for optimizing the web page users first see.

By conducting a comprehensive on-page SEO optimization, you can improve your website’s search engine rankings by making it easier for Google to understand the content and match it with user search queries. This can ultimately attract organic traffic, increase revenue, and improve conversion rates. Remember that SEO is a long-term strategy that requires consistent effort and attention.

Our team of experienced SEO specialists utilized the most highly-rated software tools, such as SEMRush, AHREFS, Screaming Frog, MozPro, and, to meticulously analyze around 225 on-page ranking factors for the website. We identified areas that required improvement to enhance the website’s search engine rankings. Based on our thorough assessment, we provided specific recommendations that would efficiently address these issues and propel the website to stand out to Google.

Our client’s willingness to work with us and trust our recommendations for on-page SEO modifications paid off tremendously. Notably, their website skyrocketed in rankings on Google SERPs, and their organic sales and traffic experienced an impressive surge quickly.

Case 2 – Highly Competitive Keywords


Our team encountered a challenging hurdle when it came to addressing the intense competition that existed for certain keywords. It was observed that many eCommerce websites tend to neglect the significance of incorporating relevant keywords in their content, which ultimately leads to a decline in organic search results.

In light of this, our client was facing a similar predicament as the keywords they aimed to target had substantial search volumes, making it arduous to outperform their competitors and secure a higher ranking on Google.


Improving website ranking can be challenging when faced with highly competitive keywords and a lower ranking than competitors. The higher the level of competition for keywords, the more difficult it becomes to achieve a higher ranking on Google and outshine rivals.

By conducting thorough keyword research, we assessed the level of competition in the market and identified the most strategic and vital keywords for our client’s business, taking into account the high level of competition associated with these key terms.

With the help of premium SEO tools like SEMrush, MozPro and Keyword Planner, we tactically analyzed the highly competitive keywords. This analysis tactic helped us shortlist the keywords with the highest level of competition. With the respective data, we formed a strategy of first focusing on these shortlisted keywords as they have high search volumes and incorporating them in the webpage content to help the website get high rankings.

Using this strategy, we optimized the webpage content using all the competitive keywords, and ultimately, our hard work paid off, and the website’s keyword ranking increased within no time.

Case 3 – Poor Content Quality with no Keywords


Effective content marketing is a critical factor in promoting a business. Upon reviewing a client’s website, it was found that the blogs were not optimized for search engines and lacked relevant target keywords. Furthermore, there were multiple instances of duplicate content on the website, significantly impacting its overall ranking. Addressing these issues would be essential to improving the website’s visibility and increasing its potential for success.

The website encountered a major obstacle in gaining online visibility and attracting organic traffic. They were struggling with poor content quality and a lack of targeted keywords, which made it hard for their site to rank high in search engine results. As a result, they were not getting enough exposure and were missing out on potential customers.


As a solution to this challenge after the first step was conducting thorough keyword research to identify relevant and highly competitive keywords related to Indian handicrafts and home decor. Based on this research, a content strategy was devised, focusing on creating a series of informative and engaging blog posts centered around specific keywords.

Our talented writers crafted high-quality content that showcased Rudhigat’s products and provided valuable insights and tips related to the domain. The blog posts were optimized for search engines and shared across various platforms to increase their reach and user engagement.

A consistent publishing schedule was maintained to keep the website active and relevant. As a result, the campaign increased website traffic, improved search engine rankings, and enhanced brand authority in the Indian handicraft and home decor market.

Case 4 – Very Low Organic Traffic


Upon completion of the keyword research challenge audit, it was determined that the website under review lacked any targeted keywords within its content. Consequently, search engines like Google and Bing may struggle to properly identify and index the website due to the limited usage of relevant keywords. As the search engines could not identify the website, the website never appeared on the search engine results, even if the visitor entered a relevant search query that matched the business.


Boosting your website’s search engine ranking through search engine optimization can increase organic traffic to your site. This, in turn, can attract new customers and build trust. Our marketing team employed several tactics to increase organic search traffic, including off-page activities such as setting up an XML sitemap using Google Search Console to ensure that our website URLs are easily crawled and indexed by Google, creating valuable backlinks, guest posting, social media marketing, and local listings.

We also implemented various on-page activities to improve website performance. Additionally, we utilized email marketing tactics to increase web visits from Google. Our marketing team worked passionately to complete our mission of improving our website’s search engine performance.

Case 5 – Slow Website Loading Speed


It is important to note that slow-loading websites can significantly affect user experience and search engine rankings, eventually losing potential customers and reducing visibility in search results. This issue particularly concerns Rudhigat, a thriving eCommerce business where visual appeal is crucial in attracting and retaining customers. Hence, it is crucial to address website loading times to ensure optimal user experience and maximize the business’s online presence.


We implemented a comprehensive optimization strategy for the Rudhigat website to address the slow loading issue. Firstly, we conducted a thorough audit of the website to identify performance bottlenecks. One of the major factors affecting loading speed was the size of images used on the site. We optimized all product images without compromising their visual quality, significantly reducing image file sizes and loading faster.

Furthermore, we applied lazy loading for images, which meant that images were only loaded when they were about to appear on the user’s screen. This approach reduced initial page load time and saved bandwidth, especially for users on slower internet connections or mobile devices.

By implementing these optimizations, Rudhigat witnessed a substantial boost in page loading speed. As a result, users experienced a more seamless and enjoyable browsing experience, leading to increased engagement and higher chances of conversion.

Additionally, search engines rewarded the improved performance with better rankings, making Rudhigat more discoverable to potential customers searching for Indian handicrafts and home decor online. Overall, the optimization efforts improved the website’s performance and contributed to the growth and success of Rudhigat as a thriving eCommerce venture.

Case 6 – The website did not have an attractive user interface


As Rudhigat is a handicraft store, its visual appearance and the use of graphics have a great impact on the visitor. Unfortunately, Rudhigat lacked this feature, which made the visitors leave the website as soon as they visited the store. The use of the background theme blocked the product details, like the product name and price, making it hard for the visitors to identify the product.


We recommended making several design changes to enhance the website’s user experience. We incorporated high-quality graphics to improve its appearance and functionality. The website design was updated to align with current trends. The overall look and feel of the website were transformed to appeal to potential customers. Additionally, we added website banners to draw visitors’ attention and showcase their best-selling products.

With all these changes, Rudhigat encountered a significant decrease in bounce rates, increased session time, increased customer engagement, improved user interaction, and so much more.


Rudhigat SEO Case Study Rudhigat SEO Case Study Rudhigat SEO Case Study Rudhigat SEO Case Study Rudhigat SEO Case Study

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SEO Case Study: Rudhigat - Indian Handicraft & Home Decor Store, India

SEO Case Study: Rudhigat - Indian Handicraft & Home Decor Store, India

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