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Welcome back to Magento “How To” Blog Tutorials by MageComp. Today we will learn about an important topic, How to Round Off All Prices in Magento 2.

Default Magento displays float prices on all the pages. Promote a better product pricing display by rounding off the floating prices of your Magento 2 Product Catalog. Rounding off product prices also saves admin time and effort. Follow the below-given steps to Round Off All Prices in Magento 2.

So, let’s get started

Steps to Round Off All Prices in Magento 2:

Step 1: First, create a “di.xml” file inside our extension at the below path.


Now, add this code

Step 2: After that, create an  “Amount.php” file inside the below folder path of extension.


And, add the code as mentioned below

That’s it!


This way you are able to Round Off All Prices in Magento 2. If you face any difficulty and need expert help, reach our Certified Magento Developers to help you out with this. Stay in touch with us for more such solutions.

Happy Coding!

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