We often hear such words as “priorities” or “prioritization” in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of how to manage and prioritizing things in our casual routines. Sometimes, even when we have enough time, we cannot finish any of the several tasks. It happens because we switch from one task to another and simply cannot focus on something specific. As a result, productivity goes down.

According to JatApp, the same phenomenon can be met in the process of mobile app development. Yes, modern developers have to catch up with the modern rhythms of life and are simply obliged to be multitaskers. However, it all causes difficulties in focusing and distributing time. There is a simple pattern not everyone can notice — if you complete one task in one day, three days will hardly be enough to complete three of such important tasks at a time.

The key to effective prioritization in mobile app development is an appropriate allocation of time and tasks in combination with the right priorities to complete those tasks. Below, you will find the best and most helpful mobile app hacks that will allow you to contribute to different tasks appropriately and, last but not least, effectively. Needless to say, it will increase your productivity significantly.

What to Do During the Development Process to Remain Efficient and Productive?

Any workflow must be effective, otherwise, there is even no need to start working on the project. The workflow efficiency is expressed in such aspects:

  • Proper distribution of the working time
  • Splitting large tasks into smaller subtasks
  • Sort the tasks out, taking into account their priorities
  • Complete tasks exclusively in the order of their priority

The very same scheme can work for prioritizing features in mobile app development. Let us see how to apply all these simple (as it may seem from the very beginning) tips to the process of mobile app development.

Make Lists

If you want to know how to prioritize features of the future app, the technology of developers is not much different from the rest of the professionals. Creating helpful and detailed lists will help you remember the most important features and also allocate time and prioritize features. It will create a smooth and flawless workflow. 

You can even use a whiteboard. Just note all of the features down. You can use a Word document for that or just do it on the board to see it every time you pass through it. Yes, you can laugh at it and say that you are no longer a student anymore. However, this will help you to do the following:

  • Realize the work amount
  • Sort out all tasks based on their importance accordingly
  • Encourage you to complete those tasks much faster

At once, some lists and tasks can seem to be too global and incompletable. However, if you distinguish three tasks of the highest priority every day and will try to complete them one by one daily, you will see how quickly this list will go smaller. If you are afraid to forget to complete those tasks daily, set a reminder and do it.

Use Specific Apps

You can always use a prioritization app if you are bad at time management. Any programmer or developer knows how many mobile apps exist to help users arrange their time and plans much better. You will find plenty of paid & free applications for any taste and needs. 

Such apps are really convenient and are amazing planners and reminders. Do not neglect this chance and do not laugh at it because it will help you organize your working day, taking into consideration all of the features and calculating your productivity hours. Among such apps, you can find something sort of Asana. This app allows users to see the visual scheme of the project. It will contain all the tasks needed for the implementation of the project. Asana is really beneficial for many users. 

It increases productivity regardless of what niche you work in. It pushes you to set priorities while working on your tasks and save tons of your time. 

How to Prioritize the App Features

Here is a detailed guide on how to set priorities in app development. It will be helpful and beneficial for all developers, regardless of their proficiency level. 

  • Specify the software goal. Consider which tasks you were thinking about when starting to work on your project and highlight the primary goal of your app.
  • Create a list of prioritization features. Create a list of all the app features you would like to input into your application.
  • Outline the metrics. To assess the results of the chosen strategy, you need to draft the metrics. Include such aspects as the AHA moment (when the user realizes how important your app is and becomes your user), registration conversion, the retention rate, etc. 
  • Receiving users’ feedback. It is crucial to realize how to interact & communicate interact with your audience. It will help you understand whether you have reached the set goals. You can do it in several ways:
  1. Launch users’ support systems (Zendesk, etc.);
  2. Analyze the in-app behavior of your users (it is a very efficient way of analysis and allows you to see how users react to certain app features; use special tools to record users’ behavior);
  3. Google Play, App Store, and other reviews;
  4. A/B tests;
  5. Product analytics;
  6. User polls;
  7. UX tests. 
  • Pick a prioritization model. Choose the one you think suits you most of all. 
  • Analysis of the satisfaction/importance gaps. You had to define the key features, so now, you need to rank the things your users expect to get. Keep in mind your end-user and think about which of those features users consider the most important and if they are happy with the action performed thanks to those features. If some of the primary features do not bring the required satisfaction, you need to improve functionality the soonest.
  • Define models and score features. Features scored the highest must be developed primarily. 


Many businesses have faced the situation when the developer didn’t stick to deadlines and couldn’t finish the development on time. Such situations happen exactly because the developers fail to set priorities and then start improving all possible bugs after the app is launched. 

To avoid such unpleasant situations for both clients and developers, follow these prioritization tips and always set the right priorities. It will save our time & nerves for everyone. 

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