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Last time we learned How to Display programmatically created custom options in admin order details in Magento 2.

Today, we will learn an interesting topic How to Password Protect Your Magento Store With .htaccess in Magento 2, 


Basically, there is a huge growth in increase on password guess attacks on Magento installations. Sometimes while surfing you might have noticed that you came across any website who is asking for username and password for granting permission to access the website. Mainly, this type of website is containing passwords to protect against the spammers and hackers. To overcome this problem I have came with the best solution in this article.

Reasons why do you need htaccess authentication.

  1. Google can’t index your secure website. Development server must be protected with HTTP authentication.
  2. When some developments are going on and you don’t want to let people access the website.
  3. Restricted access to website/pages/customers or private website.

Configure Guide 

Step 1: Firstly, with the use FTP or Cpanel to reach to Magento 2 root folder.

Step 2: Then open the .htaccess file and add following code at top.

Step 3: Create a file with name of .htpasswd in Magento 2 root. If you want to upload password file somewhere else, you can but make sure you mention the path accordingly in above code then.

Step 4: Use this tool

To setup username and password as given in the below image.

why do you need htaccess authentication in magento

Step 5: Lastly open file .htpasswd now and copy paste the user and encrypted password for example 

Where, admin is the username and $apr1$74z9mjal$JKvdv4G7GMpIxc/8m.OPh0 is the password respectively.

Final Words

That’s it for today! By implementing the given above steps you will be able to complete the protection for your website. You can overcome the problem of attacks by spammers and hackers to your website.

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Happy Magento Learning!

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