On-page SEO could play a pivotal role in boosting your e-commerce website’s ranking, engaging users, driving more traffic, and converting more leads. We understand that 28 percent of consumers are in the habit of beginning their product discovery journey with mostly a search engine. Moreover, 95 percent of the consumers are clicking on organic listings while they are searching on the desktop. It is a fact that SEO claims to have the highest Return on Investment of an e-commerce marketing campaign. In this context, you must know that organic traffic is undoubtedly the best type of traffic that comes free and is undoubtedly recurring. You can also avail SEO services for your e-commerce website if you wish to boost your online presence and grow your e-store. 

Recently we have shared about how AI will impact on SEO and how you can get more benefits by optimizing your Ecommerce Store. In this article, we have covered the best tips for On-Page SEO tips to increase traffic to your store.

We know that people are used to initiating their product research generally with a search, particularly on Google. To come up with a fully-informed buying decision, they typically compare both features and prices of a specific product. They would be browsing the Internet looking for reviews and testimonials. They are very much in the habit of reading reviews before making their buying decision. They would be searching online for relevant tips and advice. If you realize that your e-commerce website is not appearing when users are searching for specifically the products you are selling, you seem to be losing out on potential profits and customers. Let’s explore some important concepts for boosting your on-page SEO and gaining valuable organic traffic.

Do Research & More Research

According to Neil Patel, you must initiate all SEO work with thorough research on both competitor research and keyword research. Why should you do research? Research is supposed to be the most critical aspect of SEO. We know that no business would be looking forward to that. You may seek assistance from a reputed digital marketing organization for perfect work to visit search engine optimization.

Keyword Research & Keyword Optimization

If you are determined about people finding you, it is high time you focused your attention on identifying the right keywords. You could choose from a plethora of useful keyword research tools. For instance, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer is phenomenally popular in this respect and provides fantastic keyword suggestions relevant to practically all business niches or search engines. You could consider monitoring and managing the metrics that should be demonstrating how competently your keywords would be matching user queries. You have access to a host of competent keyword research tools such as Keyword Shitter, Google Trends, Google Correlate, Google Search Console, and WordTracker Scout.

Some Tips on Using the Keywords Identified By You via Research:

· Post Title Must Include Your Keyword

· As per forbes.com, you must start using your chosen Keyword by including it in the title of the post. This should be helping you in a couple of ways. First of all, it would be allowing search engines to identify quickly what precisely your page entails. Secondly, it would convey to the user that this content is precisely what he has been looking for. 

· Place the most significant Keyword in your post title, sub-headers & headers, product descriptions, paragraph copy, URLs, image file names & Alt text and even meta titles & descriptions. You need to consider using diverse variations.

· Place all details, including user reviews, shipping costs, return policy, etc. on particular product pages. Remember if the customer needs to leave the page for extra information, he may leave the site altogether. 

· Writing a helpful and informative copy could provide consumers with real value. You must stay away from undesired keyword stuffing as Google could find it suspicious. 

· Focus on updating your seasonal sales on time. You must not disappoint your customers.

· Avoid keyword cannibalization. As per Neil Patel, keyword cannibalization would take Place when several pages of the same site are attempting to rank for the same Keyword.

This could be utterly confusing to Google and other search engines. This should be adversely impacting your ability for obtaining traffic for specifically that Keyword.

Use Header Tags

As per forbes.com, one of the most significant parts, in fact, an integral part of any successful on-page deception is supposed to be the inclusion of header tags. A <H1> tag or heading tag helps emphasize specific text on your e-commerce site’s webpage for better enabling search engines like Google to understand precisely what the content seems to be all about. We know that header tags such as H1, H2, H3, etc. are essential, as they are supposed to make up the basic structure of all your articles. They take a few seconds for deciding if the content is worth reading. Moreover, Google is known to pay far more attention to header tags in comparison to the relevant body text.


You could effectively simplify the decision-making ordeal for your customers by providing a perfect product comparison tool. It should be collecting and comparing some primary data and information from product descriptions and then suggesting the ideal options based on consumer requirements.

Product Videos

You must concentrate on making videos or tutorials that demonstrate ways to use your product. You must consider choosing the right format for your specific niche. If you are selling equipment, for instance, you could consider providing maintenance and installation tips. On the other hand, if you are selling cosmetics, you have the option of creating a beauty vlog for publishing makeup lessons. 

Site Search

You must make navigation intuitive besides your customers would not like to browse through the entire website looking for what they want. You must have a search box that is prominently displayed so that customers do not waste their time and can find the required product quickly. Amazon seems to be an excellent example. They have a prominent search box that takes consumers directly to the product category they want. 


SEO claims to have the highest Return on Investment of an e-commerce marketing campaign, Pick up the best SEO strategy that will help you get more visitor to your store. 

How about we investigate our agenda for Ecommerce SEO: 

  • Pick the correct Keyword
  • Lead contender look into 
  • Concentrate on landing page SEO 
  • Disentangle your site engineering 
  • Advance item pages 
  • Utilize responsive plan 
  • Diminish page load speed 
  • Make backlinks 

On the off chance that you pursue those means, your internet business website will rank better in the web indexes and create more prospects for your CRO endeavours. At MageComp, We offer FREE SEO Audit for your Ecommerce store and help you get better ranking in search engine.

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