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In thisblog, I will explain how to setup package development in Laravel.

Laravel Development Package allows developers to create reusable components that can be easily shared and integrated into Laravel applications. Whether you’re building utility libraries, integrating with third-party services, or extending Laravel’s core functionality, package development in Laravel offers a robust framework for building and distributing reusable components.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the process of creating a simple Laravel package step by step. Our package will be a basic utility for generating random strings. Let’s get started!

Steps to Create Laravel Package:

Step 1: Setting Up a New Package

First, let’s create a new Laravel package using the artisan command-line tool:

This command will generate the necessary directory structure for our package under packages/Acme/RandomStringGenerator.

Step 2: Writing Package Code

Navigate to the packages/Acme/RandomStringGenerator directory and create a new class for our random string generator.

Open RandomStringGenerator.php and add the following cod

Step 3: Testing Your Package

Let’s write some tests to ensure our package works as expected. Create a new directory for tests and add a test file

Open RandomStringGeneratorTest.php and add the following code

Run the tests using PHPUnit:

Step 4: Documenting Your Package

Generate API documentation for your package using Laravel Docs Generator:

This command will generate API documentation based on the PHPDoc comments in your code.

Step 5: Distributing Your Package

Publish your package to Packagist, the default package repository for Composer:

Create a composer.json file in the root of your package directory

  • Commit your changes and push your package to a version control repository like GitHub.
  • Register an account on Packagist (if you haven’t already) and submit your package’s GitHub repository URL.
  • Once your package is published on Packagist, other developers can install it via Composer:


You’ve successfully created and distributed a Laravel package. Package development in Laravel offers a powerful way to encapsulate and share reusable components with the community. By following best practices and leveraging Laravel’s conventions and tools, you can create high-quality packages that streamline development tasks and accelerate project delivery.

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Happy Coding!

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