Bonjour MageComp supporters,

Though we all were not together to celebrate the 8th anniversary of MageComp, here we are presenting you with the memories of a fun trip.

Everyone dreams about owning a firm and providing fantastic, services to the ones in need. 

This same dream was dreamt by a group of 4 friends and on 29th June 2014, they took their first step in establishing MageComp. On 29th June 2022, MageComp completed its 8 incredible years of success and failures.

In this blog, we are here to share our experiences about how the anniversary day was enjoyed.

But where to go?

For the last two years due to COVID, we were unable to organize a trip and take a break from the workload and this year by god’s grace we got the chance to beat the heat and the workload as well by organizing a trip. 

Everyone gets excited on hearing about a trip, we did the same thing and started to make plans about what would be done and who will click pictures of the group, etc. but hardly did we know that the venue was not yet decided and we asked about the place. That is where everyone got tensed and the correct discussion started for the selection of the place.

There are so many amazing places in India for a group trip, choosing one that is not long-distance and is budget-friendly, is quite a challenging decision-making process. And after so long discussion we decided to go for a fun trip to Bliss aqua world resort.

So without wasting more time let’s dive in.

Journey to the destination

The Bliss Aqua World Resort is situated on Mehsana Highway and as usual, the journey started early in the morning from Bhavnagar. As the summer season is still there, the scorching sun did not do any good, but as we all were together even the sun failed to lower our excitement for this fun trip.

We took a halt at Ahmedabad to pick up our other branch colleagues. We all were on cloud nine after meeting everyone after such a long time.

We had heard a lot about the resort but as soon as we reached the destination we were stunned by the huge entrance gate and started to take some group pictures following with the cake cutting.

Cake cutting collage

When it comes to celebrations, the cake is essential. It added more happiness and joy to our Anniversary occasion. Cheers to successful 8 years and many more to come

Fun at the Resort

Our excitement had increased a lot with just the design of the resort’s entrance, but when we entered the resort no sooner did we see the rides, we felt like dogs with two tails and no one was able to make themselves wait for trying the rides.

The resort was so clean and highly maintained, pools filled with clear sparkling water and the COVID guidelines were strictly followed. We took a small brunch, changed to swimming suits, and SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH…

waterpark collage

Everyone scattered and went to try on the water rides and were enjoying the moments to their fullest. Everyone let their souls be free to have fun like small babies.

When everyone was done with the rides, we all gathered to have fun in the swimming pool, the music was on and everyone was dancing their hearts out and enjoying.

After the dancing session, everyone took one last ride of their favorite rides, we all changed into our regular clothes freshening up ourselves, and met for evening snacks. While taking the evening snacks we had a lot of fun, took so many pictures and ended our fun trip, and headed our way home. 

Wrapping up the day

Though the goodbye was to the resort, the trip gave us so many joyful memories and tired faces, but it gave the employees a nice break from the workload by giving everyone a headstart for the new challenges at work.

We reached our hometowns safely and prayed for many more successful years of MageComp and many more amazing office trips.

To be a part of such an amazing work adventure and to stay tuned with us visit our Career at MageComp

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