Being store owner, you probably familiar with various Magento configurations and its products type. Magento is preloaded with all the options that we badly looking for, and that makes it ultimate CMS. By default, Magento comes with six different supported products type including Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle, Downloadable and Virtual Products what else needed?!?

Using Backend options, you can also define product price, special price, and tier price too. On store frontend, tier will be displayed using the label that helps store customers know how they get a discount on product basis of quantity. Also, setting up tier price is the best option for the store owner to increase average order value and drive more sales inside the Magento store.

Today, we are back with Magento 2 tier price theory or the issue that you are facing while setting up tier price.


Tier Price for Configurable Products:

It’s easy to set tier price for the simple product and also it will be automatically displayed in store frontend so the customer can easily understand price per quantity. And can easily add and shop product with the respective price.

Set apart, when you set tier price for configurable product type, tier price will not be displayed in store frontend because it’s not fixed like basic product type. Until you do not select a proper combination, tier price will not work for you. You think that’s an issue in Magento 2 but logically it’s not.


Then What price will customer checkout?

Well, don’t worry your customer will able to check out at the same tier price you have set-n-up if they select proper combination. Also whenever you select product options for child product, also the tier price will not update and remain the same. But on the checkout page, everything seems fine and also you will get the perfect pricing.

One interesting thing you should know is that tier prices of the configurable product will be shown on the product page if they are lower than the normal price of associated items. Furthermore, the tier price of parent product will be calculated for children items if their normal price is higher than the value of tier price.

Lots of store owner are facing the same and even pioneerathletics have the pull request for “Dynamic Tier Pricing for Configurable Products” in Magento 2 Github.


That’s all you need to know, you can also use Magento extension for Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x to display tier price in easy understandable tabular format.

Lastly, keep reading MageComp blog for more exciting stuff like this and comment down below if you need help.

Happy Tiering!

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