Hello Magento Lovers,

The biggest Magento event is here! 5th Annual Meet Magento India 2022 will be held on 4th February, 2022 and is going virtual this year too. We are pleased to announce that MageComp is a Bronze Sponsor in the Meet Magento India 2022 virtual event.

Are you new to Magento? Let me tell you everything about the Meet Magento event.

What is Meet Magento?

Meet Magento is a major E-commerce conference event on Magento that takes place every year in more than 40 countries. In India, it is the 5th Annual Meetup. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic last year it was held virtually and this year too it is going to be a virtual event on 4th Feb, 2022.

Meet Magento conference provides the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with Magento experts, enthusiasts, merchants, developers, and marketing professionals. The event day is full of inspiration, education, and knowledge from expert speakers around the world. Get in pace with the latest trends and topics on the Magento platform. Grab a chance to make new connections in the Magento community.

Contribution of MageComp in Meet Magento India 2022:

Bronze Sponsor

Like every year we give our contribution to the Meet Magento mega event. This year too we are contributing as Bronze Sponsor in the event. We are absolutely delighted to be a part of this event and the Magento community. 


Contests give fun and entertaining feel to the event. Every year in Meet Magento, MageComp conducts contests that are interesting for the participants. This year too we will be conducting engaging contests with 8 big prizes. Wait for the fun contest by MageComp at Meet Magento India 2022. Join the event, participate in the MageComp Contest and win exciting prizes.

Why Meet Magento?

Stay updated with the Magento trends and grow personally and professionally by attending the biggest event of the E-commerce world, Meet Magento.

Get in touch with Magento Specialists

Meet Magento gives you a chance to come into contact with Magento professionals, enthusiasts, experts, merchants, and global leaders of Magento to help you gain valuable insights on Magento.

Acquire knowledge from Tech Sessions

Participating in the Meet Magento event will let you grab an opportunity to stay up to date with the technical area of Magento like Magento PWA, security, payment, upgrade, cloud computing, scaling, and performance.

Opportunity to attend Global Event

Meet Magento is an international event that is organized in more than 40 countries including Germany, Japan, Mexico, USA, Spain, UAE, Argentina, Indonesia, etc. So there’s a good chance for you to become familiar with leaders from across the world.

Get free stuff

When you attend Meet Magento you can grab free swags like Event T-Shirt, Laptop Bag, Diaries, Discount Coupon for Magento 2 Training. Sponsors and service providers arrange contests where you can win exciting prizes by participating in them. Participate in the MageComp’s Contest

Build relation through Networking Sessions

Meet Magento event is an ideal chance for you to expand your network. Make new contact with industry specialists, Magento experts, Magento developers, service providers, contributors. Building a network will help bring in better opportunities for your business.

Obtain Design Insights

User experience is the key component of winning customers towards your store. Meet Magento even gives you the advantage of getting insights on ways to create a better-personalized customer experience and engage customers visually with the Magento store.

Final Words:

If you are passionate about Magento and want to be well-versed with the new trends, you can’t miss the Meet Magento India 2022 event. MageComp Team is excited to gain knowledge and attend the Meet Magento India 2022 event. Are you? If yes, book your seat now.

Let’s meet at the Meet Magento India 2022

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