So, you think you can sell? E-commerce has undoubtedly made our life easier than ever. It just takes a few seconds to go online find the product we need, add to bag and viola it’s done. However, the hassle of ecommerce business owners is opposite to what online shopping be like. From product listing, images to web content and from the website hosting to website design, there are a lot of things you are required manage if you are planning to get started with your online store business.

For an E-commerce business, the most essential element is the impression of your website, and then the price is the foremost factor of your business success. To make it unbeatable and stable for a long term business, we suggest you not to do it by yourself, which is one of the factors why most E-commerce website fails. To get started for successful E-commerce business, go online and search software development companies near me which will display the leading firms that would site that is not only adhesive but flawless and ideal for all e-commerce aspects.

While your website is in progress, there are a lot more things you need to check if you are devoted to making your business work for the long term in the best possible way. So, once you get the website in your hand, these are the common mistake that is usually overlooked, so make sure you ask your team to avoid immediately:

It’s Taking Ages to Load

Did you know that 40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load? In the era of fastest load and speed where 5G is around the corner, and lighting-speed internet is everyone’s demand, visitors coming to your website shouldn’t be waiting longer than 3-4 seconds. For sites like Amazon and eBay, they face millions of dollars lost with the website takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Therefore, go to the Pingdom or Google Speed Insight and find the load time speed of your website the ideal time should be 3 seconds or less and if it is taking longer than that, you must contact your IT or software company to fix the issue immediately.

Site Design does not Align with Marketing Materials

Even if you have a beautifully designed website, one that leads to lots of conversions and does a good job of impressing your visitors, it needs to be consistent with all the other ways that your brand presents itself. This includes but is not limited to all the different sales flyers, postcards, brochures, and other marketing copy that you put out in the real world.

To do this you need to have a consistent approach to your brand, everything from the colors and fonts to the shapes and vocabulary that you use. Take advantage of online design tools to create postcards online and up your marketing game. Just make sure that everything fits with your overall brand ‘feel’ on your website.

E-Store Doesn’t Look Good On Mobile

The cellphone has kept the desktop faraway from our reach now, today more than 80 percent of the everyday searches happen on the mobile and if your E-commerce store is not performing better on a mobile phone, then you are probably missing a lot more than you can expect. Do you know average smart-phone conversion rates of the e-commerce site are up 64 percent compared to the desktop?

Other than smartphones, your website should be flexible and flawless on all the devices. However, since you cannot have all the devices, the only way to test your website performance or its responsiveness is to visit websites or as your IT firm or software development company to give the report of website responsiveness while delivering the website to you.

Complicated Checkout Process

Imagine you are the retail store and you are done with all the shopping. You can the stuff and counter is almost empty to proceed your payment. What is there are 4 stops, and each stop has a person as different types of details from you? Probably that would not only be frustrating but also a very odd experience.

Similarly, if you want to let your customers have great, easy and flawless shopping experience, keep the checkout process as easy as ABC and as short as possible. The longer it takes to complete the checkout process, the more visitors will repel and consider your website as ‘long-time-taking-site.’

There are plenty of amazing e-commerce website checkout process examples out there which you can discuss with your team and as developers to do it for your website. Try your own website checkout process and ask your friend to share their experience of why doing shopping on your website.

Product Alignment Is Horizontal Or Vertical?

Product alignment is one the major cause which most e-commerce business owners don’t even consider to ponder. This is one of the major reason why most websites owners tend to complain about why their sales are not going up. Usually, when we visit any of the local stores, how did you get to notice the huge variety in one glance? Yes, because they are usually placed horizontally.

Besides, all the leading e-commerce usually place their products in a horizontal way to give more variety in once glance. This way, your e-commerce website would not length awkwardly longer; rather it would give relevant categories to display their product in the best possible way. This will not only engage customers more but also boost conversion rate eventually.

No “About” or “Contact Us” page

Unless it’s not been 5 years to your e-commerce business, do not neglect the importance of your About Us and Contact Us page. Be it a single product type e-commerce store or multiple product online store, your About Us page is something that would help you build a bond between you and your customers.

Share your special story and tell the world why your brand either clothing, computer parts, or even jewelry e-store matters to you. Share how did you get started and appreciate the force that is working behind the brand.

For Contact Us page, many people tend to omit it and mention the details either at the top or the bottom. Remember that contact us page helps people to stay connected more quickly and share the problems and experience feasible. Add ‘contact us form’, add Live Chat Software and be available to provide customer support that would immensely help people to come back and shop again from your website.


Starting up and ecommerce business is always a fantastic experience, however, if your website is not performing ideally, then chances are that you might lose sales in no time. Remember that your website should load fast, have an adhesive layout, gives a flawless and short checkout process, and most importantly should look amazing on all types of devices as well. If you are looking for any tech companies in Dallas, then feel free to discuss anytime.

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