Magento Marketplace has proven to be helping hand to the Magento merchants and users around the world since its inception. Being the best referral source for marketing extensions, themes, and other services, Magneto Marketplace has provided a platform to sell Magneto products and services. In order to fulfill the digital needs of storeowner and stay up with the market trends, the marketplace has gradually made a number of changes and timely changed designs, submission process, coding standard, and support.

Magento Marketplace is home for all Magento store owner who wants to extend their existing store functionality can choose from 1,000s of free and premium Magento extensions and themes. Also, Marketplace let Magento Developers sell their Magento Extensions & themes on Marketplace to earn more profits. Over the ages, the marketplace has made drastic improvements in their design and coding standards for serving more trusted and secure products.

Let’s take a bird view to the past and look at how Magento Marketplace has evolved Marketplace designs over the years for the betterment of user experience. We have created a gallery design of Magento Marketplace (better known as Magento Connect formerly) from 2008 to 2019. Surprised with 2019 right?! Yes, we have also included the design of 2019 as of today’s Marketplace layout that owns complete new makeover of the new design, features, better extension management, and much other functionality.

Year 2008:

2008 Magento Marketplace design

Year 2009:


2009 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2010:

2010 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2011:

2011 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2012:

2012 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2013:

2013 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2014:

2014 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2015:

2015 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2016:

2016 MagentoMarketplace

Year 2018/19:

2019 Magento Marketplace design

From the first classic look to the latest stunning modern layout, every update or changes they have made in marketplace layout made it much cooler, easy and convenient at both the hand. Because Change Is The Only Constant Thing In This World, We are pleased with this totally new marketplace design and layout. Also, they have made the extension submission process more convenient and strict compared to past so their shoppers get a more secure and reliable extension for their Magento store. Besides, that user can easily download the extension update, manuals and can get support easily from their account section without any hassle.

That’s it from us, we appreciate the efforts of the whole Magento Team for making Marketplace more better, secure, reliable and trusted home for both seller and buyer. Also, support from the marketplace team is always kind and helpful if you are stuck or looking for guidance.

Magento is love, so Marketplace is 🙂

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