Are you a Magento 2 store owner looking to offer more customization options to your customers? The ability to add custom input types in custom options can significantly enhance the shopping experience and cater to diverse needs. In this guide, we’ll explore how you can effortlessly integrate custom input types into your Magento 2 store’s custom options, empowering both you and your customers with more flexibility and choice.

Custom options in Magento 2 allow you to offer personalized variations of your products. These options can include dropdown menus, text fields, checkboxes, and more. While Magento 2 provides several default input types, such as text, file, and dropdown, sometimes you may need to go beyond these options to fulfill specific requirements.

Steps to Add Custom Input Types in Custom Options in Magento 2:

Step 1: Create “product_options.xml” file, inside the etc folder.


Then add the code as follows

Step 2: Then create “di.xml” file inside etc folder.


And add the code as given below

Step 3: Then create “Select.php” file inside Type folder.


And include the below-mentioned code

Step 4: Then create “Option.php” file inside Product folder.


And add the below code-snippet

Step 5: Then create “di.xml” file inside adminhtml folder.


And add the following code

Step 6: Then create “All.php” file inside Modifier folder.


Now add the below-mentioned piece of code

Step 7: Then create “CustomOptions.php” file inside Modifier folder.


And add the code as follows


Magento 2: How to Add Custom Input Type in Custom Option


Custom input types in custom options empower Magento 2 store owners to offer unparalleled flexibility and personalization to their customers. By understanding your requirements, developing custom input type modules, and seamlessly integrating them with Magento 2’s custom options feature, you can elevate the shopping experience and drive sales growth.

Whether you’re selling customizable apparel, personalized gifts, or bespoke products, incorporating custom input types can set your store apart and delight your customers with tailored offerings. Embrace the power of customization and unlock new opportunities for your Magento 2 store today!

Happy Coding!

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