Since 2014, MageComp is a various group of straightforward people with a passion to fulfill digital needs of every individual. We always believe in building a long-term relationship with customers as well as expanding the business network to keep ourselves ahead in this faster digital trend. At MageComp, we have kept improving ourselves by acquiring various skills and knowledge by experimenting new technologies and principles to provide high-quality service to our customers. After years of journey, dedicating ourselves to a great e-commerce Magento platform it’s time to form another relationship.

MageComp traditionally partners with a lot of companies since now and today we’d like to present you one more partner of our partnership program. We’re really excited to announce that we have just stepped up with our new partner Land of Coder.

Land of Coder is founded back in 2009 and now it’s one of leading marketplace for Magento Professional Magento Themes & Extensions. Apart from that, it offers these items for various popular CMSs such as Magento, Presta shop, OpenCart and other individual scripts. Land of Coder is a group of passionate individuals with an aim to get all useful content at one place to fulfill business needs and to make it easily available online.

Together, the partnership of both MageComp and Land of Coder are tied up to deliver MageComp Magento extensions to Land of Coder Marketplace where vendors can easily find these extensions with some great discount and real-time quality service. Also, this partnership helpful to both by to gaining new customers, expanding existing market exposure as well as by acquiring common strategies to take both the businesses to next level. This partnership adds value to both the existing business by delivering a higher level of perceived value and provides more reasons to customers for making the purchase.

We hope that this bond brings more happiness and joy to both businesses as well as for customers. Stay tuned for more and if you are looking for such partnership you can even join MageComp partnership program.

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