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How are you all doing? In this article, you will find some interesting thoughts and discussions discussed in the different webinars. The webinar held on 12 April 2020 at 11:00 AM (IST) was for the “BRAINSTORM ON MAGENTO TREND” and the Q/A regarding the current affairs and the recent situation for all the Magento community members. Another webinar was held on 11 April 2020 at 11:00 AM (IST) and secound webinar Which Technologies/Coding Language Is Demanding Nowadays? the topic was covered where the students of Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering & Technology (BMCET) were addressed by the experts.

Webinar 1: Brainstorm on Magento Trend?

Look what follows the detailed discussion of webinar:

On 12th April 2020 MageComp organized a webinar “BRAINSTORM ON MAGENTO TREND” and the Q/A regarding the current affairs and the recent situation for all the Magento community members. In the webinar, discussion of the experts involved the topics like Brainstorm on Magento Trend, discussions on Challenges with remote work/tips to improve, there was also a Q/A session in which all the members were actively participating. Look what follows the detailed discussion of webinar:

Magento trend current and after COVID-19 like delay in further updates.

Basically, the Magento trends were discussed by Mr. Vikrant Shukla gave a precise explanation about the trends of Magento and use of the Magento platform in Ecommerce will be increased  and most of the businesses will be switching to online. The COVID-19 is a bad time period and learn as much as you can by staying home. It is not a big thing for business, just focus in the right direction with your business and team. If the crisis indicates less business development then everyone is a part of it.

Discussions on Challenges with remote work/tips to improve.

Here Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Vikrant Shukla discussed the different tips to work from home like you have to keep a perfect schedule for your tasks and distribute the tasks according to your mood like you take priority tasks in the morning so that with the fresh mind work becomes easier. And perform the regular exercise for the purpose of freshening up the developer’s mind. Improve your productivity by scheduling the tasks.

General discussion about Magento related questions.

There were many developers who asked the questions related to technical terms and were answered perfectly by Mr.Vikrant Shukla which was very appreciable like one developer asked about the extension of Magento EOL and the answer was that it will not be extended because of many appropriate reasons.

Impact of COVID-19 on your business or job.

In Spite of fearing, the businesses in most of the countries have proved a huge response to fight against the COVID-19 and the contributions and help of many businesses to their countries and action of many countries are also appreciable who are helping the other countries to fight against this situation of COVID-19.

Webinar 2: Which Technologies/Coding Language Is Demanding Nowadays?

On 11th April 2020 Mr. Gaurav Jain (Experienced Ecommerce Constant) & Mr. Bharat Desai (Magento 2 Certified Developer) at MageComp LLP, Ahmedabad addressed the students of Bhagwan Mahavir College of Engineering & Technology (BMCET) on Which Technologies/Coding Language Is Demanding Nowadays? via a webinar. In the webinar, discussion of the speaker involved the topics like Career Options for Non developer Students, Developers, Web Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer. The topics like Latest Technology in Development and How to Become a Good Developer were also discussed by the experts. There was a quite long and interactive Q/A round with the students.

Look what follows the detailed discussion of webinar:

The webinar was very precisely delivered by both the experts and there were very interesting topics covered which helped the students to pick the right path for their career. Not only the experts spoked but there was a quite interactive Q/A session with the students in which the students raised many interesting questions which are helpful to everyone.

Options Available for Non Developer Students

The coding is not for all it needs a different and innovative logic mind with the analytical thinking capacity and learning that is also difficult. But no worries here’s how to find the best IT job platforms without coding skills.

  • Digital Marketing
  • QA and Testing
  • Graphic  Designing
  • BDM
  • Blog Writing
  • Content Writing

Options Available for Developer

There are many options for the developers there should be a capacity to make your mind usy at working hours and the rich logic of the developer makes him the best here are some of the fields in IT industries for the developers.

  • Web Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Game Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer

Options Available for Web Developer

Mainly the work of web developers is a bit complicated, the design and create websites their responsibilities includes the face of the site. The fields to become a web developer are given below:

  • Web Applications
  • Web Forms Creation

Options Available for Front-End Developer

Basically, the front developers are the decision maker of the structure and design of the webpages and their functionalities. It uses the below languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Angular JS

Options Available for Back-End Developer

Back-end developer is responsible for all the operations performed in the backend and it is also known as the heart of the website. Because backend plays a vital role in website which is mainly in: 

  • PHP

Some the question raised by students in the session :

The below questions and answers were discussed and the experts gave a mind blowing answers which were very satisfying for all the students and overall it was a very helpful session for all the students.

  • Latest Technology in Development 
  • How to Become a Good Developer
  • Is Sales force is good technology?
  • Can Node JS is good for developing?
  • How to become a good developer?
  • About trending Applications.

After all customer relationships, and marketing trends are important for any company… then how can we be more powerful if we do not have a good knowledge about coding but want to stay as a software engineer in the market… 

Final Words

So that was it for today. I think it will be helpful for all and I hope all the readers will join the next webinars organized by us as you can see they are very helpful and seem to be very rich in knowledge because the well experienced experts share their point of view and their experiences. 

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