Hello, Shopify friends! 🤩

Today, we are here to guide you through your Shopify store’s login process.

However, you can log in to Shopify in two different ways:

  • By adding “/admin” at the end of your store address in the browser’s URL. For example, yourstorename.com/admin.
  • By visiting this link 👉 https://accounts.shopify.com/store-login and completing the mandatory login steps.

Let’s begin the steps. 👇

Step 1 –

Visit the link given above, where you are required to enter your email ID, which will be used with your Shopify account.

How to Login to Shopify

Shopify also provides social login options for you to choose from to log into your Shopify account.

Enter your password and proceed.

Step 2 –

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to a page that will show all the Shopify accounts that are already logged into your store currently.

Now, choose the account you want to continue with.

How to Login to Shopify

Step 3 –

Choose the store you want to access and work with in case you have multiple stores already logged in to your Shopify account.

How to Login to Shopify

You can also log in to your Shopify account from Shopify POS by following these same steps.

Over to You

This was it, easy peasy!!!

In this tutorial, you learned three different ways of logging in to your Shopify store – through Shopify Admin, Shopify App Store and Shopify POS app. You will always be redirected to Shopifu’s login page, asking you to enter your email address and password no matter which method you choose. Just enter the correct email ID and passcode.

If you tried to log in but faced some problems and are not getting satisfactory solutions from anywhere, you can freely contact us or consult our Shopify experts and get the solution easily. For more Shopify tutorials, visit our Shopify Tutorial Blog and Shopify general blog section to find the answers to any other queries or know more about Shopify.

Happy Shopifying!!!

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