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E-commerce has turned the world into a global village. People are now interconnected closely through technology. And the fact that physical distance is now just a namesake, it becomes very important for the businesses to have a constant connection with their customers. This purpose is solved with the virtue of Live Chats which helps in establishing a seamless interaction between the customers and the E-commerce owners.

To have an A-game, businesses are now active on multiple online platforms in different ways so that they can keep healthy communication with their customers as well as aid quick service and replies. The millennials are a generation of instant activities. Thus, Live Chat is a real-time communication with your past, current and expected customers; helping them sort their queries and issues with utmost speed and ease.

How do I get started with Ecommerce Live Chat?

Conducting or initiating the Live Chat is the easiest way possible. All you need to do is click on the Widget icon on the lower side of your website and you shall be connected to your customer. The Live Chats do not ask you to download any software or get into the major technicalities. 

A Live Chat Application works on two different views, one is for the operator and the other one is for the customers. It inherits the characteristics of the Telephonic Conversations as well as the Instant Messages, thereby making it dynamic according to the purpose that needs to be resolved.

To add a Live Chat to your website, you can make a choice between the following:

  • A known and dedicated plugin like E-commerce Plugins can be used.
  • You can embed a piece of code directly to your website and the Live Chat shall be added.
  • You can add the Live Chat through a Chat Page which is a live chat located under a certain URL. You can add the link on your website or email foot-note.

Benefits of Live Chat to your E-commerce:

Facts by FurstPerson show that 77% of customers won’t make purchases if a Live Chat isn’t available on the website and it retains 63% of the customers by the virtue of being connected through the Live Chat. 73% of the customers prefer the Live Chats than any other mode of communication as the agents can solve their queries in an average of 42 seconds only.

Other than these amazing statistics, Live Chat has the following advantages for your online business:

Quick Support

Unlike the other mediums of communication, Live Chats are free of cost and available for 24*7. You can have easy accessibility and quick responses. International deals can be conveniently supported as well. Live Chats provide 82% customer satisfaction as per the reports by FurstPerson.

Increase in the Conversion rates and Customer Loyalty

A customer has in mind a lot of questions about the product, the terms and conditions of service, shipping costs, product comparisons, quality, characteristics, etc. Through the Live Chat all these questions are paid a perfect heed and the customer feels content and convinced which increases the sales for the company.

Because of such wonderful customer service, your audiences stay back with the brand because of the trust that they develop and this increases the loyal customer clientele for the company.

Save Money and provides better Customer Experience:

The Live Chats require a less number of agents to solve the queries of the customers and because the agents are so wonderfully trained, the rate of the average order value increases. This makes it much cheaper than the telephonic conversations. 

Having said that, Live Chats aid a personalized touch with your customer due to which you can develop a human touch with your customer and make his experience the best one. You can also make use of automated chatbots for taking care of routine and complex queries in order to give maximum customer service.

Increases Customer Reach and Instant Feedback:

Live Chats are not Proactive, i.e. not only allow your agents to answer the customer query but also initiate a conversation with them. The agent can check the Visitors List and start a conversation with the customer that they want to target. This process helps to increase the conversion rates for the company.

You can also ask for feedback as soon as the Live session ends which helps to bring considerable improvements in your product and services and further enhances the company performance.

Analyze the Customer Data and Quick Troubleshooting:

With the help of the Live Chats, you can easily study your customers’ behavior by taking a look at the Viewed Pages, Conversation History, Product Analysis, Website Analysis, and Visitor’s Tracking. This data collection helps the company in correcting their errors and providing convenient service options.

Attachments, Screenshots, Direct Links, etc. can be provided through Live Chats which aids fast and prompt troubleshooting.

Are we ready to use the Live Chat?

Live Chats are the most innovative and efficient forms of having a real-time interaction with your customers. It not only allows you to grow your sales but also helps you in retaining a loyal customer base. It is cost-effective as well as helps the company to have a maximum customer reach and experience.

Improving the company’s performance is not only about integrating the latest production methods and strategic marketing plans. At times, the business needs to move a step ahead and think about pleasing the customers in order to run the race well enough. Thus it’s time now to implement these modern solutions and get your website started with the Live Chats!

If you have any doubt related to live chat and it’s features then feel free to contact our Support Team. I believe that the explanation in the article helped you grow your knowledge. If so, then don’t forget to share with your Magento friends. Also let us know your reviews regarding this in the comment section below.

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