In today’s Laravel tutorial, I will be giving a detailed explanation of Laravel Authentication with Breeze.

Laravel Breeze helps to implement all of Laravel’s authentication features, including login, registration, reset password reset, password confirmation, and email verification. Laravel Breeze is powered by Blade and Tailwind.

Let’s look at the complete steps for installing Laravel Breeze.

Steps for Laravel Authentication with Breeze:

Step 1: Create Laravel Application

Firstly, create a new Laravel application using the below command

Step 2: Database Migration

Now it’s time to configure the database and run database migration using the below command

Step 3: Install Breeze

Then you need to install Laravel Breeze using Composer. Use the following command

Next, you have to install Laravel breeze for simple auth scaffolding with the help of command as follows 

After Breeze is installed, compile your assets to generate CSS and JS min files.

Step 4: Breeze Authentication Controllers

File path: app/Http/Controllers/Auth

controller files

Step 5: Breeze Authentication Routes

File path: routes/auth.php 

route files

Step 6: Breeze Authentication Views

File path: resources/views/auth

blade files

Step 7: Check Breeze Authentication

Open the project to the terminal and type the command to start the development server

You can see all the various pages like the Login page, Forgot Password page, Register page, and Dashboard:

The following information will appear if the breeze authentication is implemented successfully.

1. A Login and Register links will appear on the right side of the page

login and register

2. Registration Page

registration page

3. Login Page

login page

4. Dashboard


Final Words:

Hope now you clearly got an idea about Laravel Authentication with Breeze. You can also Hire Laravel Developer to perform Laravel Authentication with Breeze. Share the tutorial with your Laravel friends and stay tuned for more tutorials on Laravel.

Happy Reading!

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