King of Ecommerce “Magento” is on the way to secure his CMS with two new add-ons of Google reCAPTCHA and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) functionality. Previously this functionality is already available for Magento 2 Extension via Third party extension developers like us.

“No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” was introduced by Google back in 2014, to fight and protect the websites from Internet spam and abuse. Moreover, reCAPTCHA uses advanced algorithms to identify the difference between humans including Invisible reCAPTCHA. Also, “Two-Factor Authentication” comes from Google, to ensure secure access by entering the second password to verify authorized access.

Magento has added reCAPTCHA support Magento admin login and some of the store frontend CMS pages like a sign-up, sign-in, forgot password and contact form. Apart from that, Magento has also added support for software authentication apps and hardware authentication devices including Google Authenticator, Authy, U2F devices, and Duo Security to generate & verify access for 2FA.

Till today, Store owners are eagerly waiting for the Official launch of this Security Enhancement, and finally, Magento did it last night. As per Official notes released by Magento security team, this feature is now available for Open Source Magento, Commerce, and Commerce (Cloud) v2.1 and v2.2. As of now, these features were delivered as a security enhancement to protect your Magento store and you can simply integrate both features just by running a few commands from SSH.

To install Google Recaptcha, You have to execute following composer command:

And to enable this module, run following command.

For more help, you can read the Official Magento User guide.

In the case of emergency or to disable this module, run below command from your command line.

To integrate Two-Factor Authentication, run the following composer command:

And to enable this module, execute below command.

For more help, you can read the Official Magento User guide.

To generate an authentication code, you can use download and install the authenticator from Google Play or IOS App Store depending upon device type.

At last Magento has given surety that these features will be included in default installations and upgrades from the upcoming 2.3 versions.
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Stay Safe, Stay Secure!

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