Magento 2 is a powerful e-commerce platform, and the right theme can make a significant difference in both the look and performance of your online store. Hyvä Themes has quickly gained popularity due to its modern design, exceptional performance, and developer-friendly nature. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to install Hyvä Themes in Magento 2.

What is Hyvä Themes?

Hyvä Themes is a Magento 2 theme that focuses on performance and simplicity. It’s built with modern front-end technologies and offers a leaner and faster alternative to the traditional Luma theme. With Hyvä Themes, you get a clean codebase, reduced JavaScript payload, and improved Lighthouse scores, making your site faster and more user-friendly.


  • Magento version 2.4.3 CE or higher. If your Magento is older than 2.4.3, it’s recommended to upgrade your Magento store first and then implement the Hyvä Theme.
  • Valid Hyvä Themes license (Refer to this – )
  • For licensees: Private Packagist Key (refer to Hyvä license instructions)
  • For partners: Access to Hyvä Gitlab
  • SSH access to your Magento server
  • Basic understanding of Composer
  • PHP version 7.4, 8.1 or 8.2

Steps to Install Hyvä Themes in Magento 2:

Step 1: Configure Composer Repositories

  • Access Hyvä GitLab to obtain access to their repositories.
  • Use Composer commands to configure repositories for Hyvä themes and any additional modules. This command adds your key to your project’s auth.json file.
  • Replace yourLicenseAuthentificationKey with your own key for the below command.
  • Replace yourProjectName with your project name for the below command.

Step 2: Install Hyvä Themes and Dependencies

  • Run the Composer command to install the Hyvä theme package and its dependencies.

Step 3: Upgrade Magento

  • Navigate to your Magento root directory and run the upgrade command to update the Magento database schema.

Step 4: Activate Hyvä Theme

  • Login to your Magento Admin Panel.
  • Navigate to Content > Design > Configuration.
  • Locate the Hyvä theme (usually hyva/default) and activate it.
  • Ensure a theme is set on the Website level as well (it can be Luma or another theme).

Step 5: Flush Cache (Optional)

  • In developer mode, navigate to System > Tools > Cache Management and flush the Magento cache.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed Hyvä Themes on your Magento 2 store. Open your store’s URL in a web browser to see the new Hyvä Theme in action.

Install Different Checkout Options with Hyvä Themes:

Step 1: Install ThemeFallback Module

Use the following command to install ThemeFallback module

Step 2: Install the Checkout Module

The below command will help you use Luma Checkout with Hyvä Themes

The below command will help you use React-based Checkout

The below command will help you use Hyvä One Step Checkout. This will work only if you have purchased the license for Hyvä Checkout.

Step 3: Upgrade Magento

Navigate to your Magento root directory and run the upgrade command to update the Magento database schema.

Additional Tips:

  • Always create a full backup of your store before making any significant changes.
  • Refer to the official Hyvä documentation for detailed instructions and troubleshooting guides: 
  • Consider installing Hyvä-compatible extensions to enhance your store’s functionality. Remember to check for compatibility and follow specific installation instructions for each extension.


Installing Hyvä Themes in Magento 2 can significantly enhance your store’s performance and user experience. With this guide, you should be able to seamlessly integrate Hyvä Themes into your Magento 2 store. Enjoy the improved speed and modern design that comes with this powerful theme!

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