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This is the final episode of the previous blog Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Guide – Episode 1. In this blog, I will dictate How To Get Magento 2 Certifications – Detailed Guide For Magento Developers. Let’s Dive In Then.

Quick Summary:

How To Register?

Basically, the very first step is to register for Magento 2 certifications. The registration process for Magento 2 certifications is very simple and straightforward. All the Magento developers who are passionate to give exams can register and appear. Mainly, the Magento certification exam costs start from $195 USD. Select your certification from the Adobe Learning testing center and register for the Exam. All the necessary information is available on the certification page respectively. 

After registering successfully all the details will be sent to your email address. Act accordingly for appearing in the exam as per the instructions provided.

Magento 2 Certificate Exams Details:

The exam includes 60 questions that are asked in various parts to test the developer’s skills and knowledge. Magento U team has come up with a various list of questions that include:

  • Practical questions that need actual experience in customizing and working in the field of Magento 2.
  • Verify’s your out of the box thinking in Magento with the Magento Framework questions.
  • XML configurations, UI Components, and layouts.
  • Configuration settings of the Magento Admin panel.
  • PHP classes and interfaces of the Magento Framework.
  • There is no single question asked who’s answer follows the exact code.
  • Many business questions are asked that also follow the basic knowledge of the Magento 2 module.
  • It includes both Magento Open source and Magento Commerce version questions.

How to prepare for Magento 2 Certification exam?

Probably, all the Magento developers wish to display the PASS word after they complete the exam. Mostly, all the developers are in hunt of guides and answers for reaching their Magento 2 certification goal. Let me be honest I can say that the exam is difficult and you need focus and concentration followed by lots of hard work to crack the Magento 2 certification exam. It is hard to crack on the first try itself but not Impossible. 

The simplest way to prepare for the Magento 2 certification exam is to search the guides and online tutorials of the course you are preparing for. On Google, there are plenty of guides and tutorials written and elaborated by the Magento certified developers. But always take care that the tutorial or guide you are learning from must be virtuous and trustworthy.

There are lots of guides and tutorials out there in the market that are incompetent and outdated that might consume your time and money both and still, you fail in the exam.  

So, are you ready to prepare for the upcoming Magento 2 certification exam?

Magento 2 Tutorial Blogs.

Ohh! How can we forget the Magento Tutorial blogs. All the Magento 2 tutorial blogs are very helpful for all the developers over the globe. I have listed the technical blogs that can be considered as helpful are StackExchange, Inchoo, How-to-Magento or Stackoverflow. These all names consist of rich resources that are elaborated by experienced developers and you can find much helpful knowledge to crack the Magento 2 Certification Exam. 

Final Words:

Hopefully, all are now ready to crack the Magento 2 Certification exam. The above-elaborated information is to the point to crack the Magento 2 certification exam. Make sure you prepare as well and Best of Luck for your Magento 2 certification exam. Hopefully, all will get the “PASS” word on the display and who are unable to get must keep trying.

Drop me if you have recently passed the Magento 2 certification exam and share the article with your Magento friends for helping them to pass the exam. 

Happy Reading.

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