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We have already looked at Google’s update on New features added in Change of Address Tool of Search Console.

Today, we are here with a new update from Google on data export capabilities of Search Console. Now, Google Search Console will allow you to export and download more, better, and complete sets of data.?

Google previously allowed to export data in specific table views. But now you can download and view all the information in all the Search Console reports. You can now read and understand this data in a much easier way and store it outside of the Search Console for future reference.

Let’s look at what things have been changed in Enhancement reports and more?

Almost every report is enhanced to give more clear and better data. When you want to export/download data, e.g., AMP status reports, you are able to export the data from behind the charts. That means with the list of issues and web pages affected, you will also see the web pages’ daily breakdown, impression received in SERPs, and their current status.

Now the information will be described in more detail, in the exported file, when you export the data from a drill-down view. Now, Google has added the feature to export the data as sheets or excel files, which will have two tabs, or you can export it as CSV format as earlier, and it will download as a ZIP file with two CSV files.

Google provides the spreadsheet, as shown in the screenshot below, exported from the AMP version of the site.

AMP search report from google search console

The original report contains the domain name, the report name, the export date, which has been removed from the spreadsheet. You get the charts tab and tables tab, as shown in the sheet. The chart tab shows the date along with errors, valid pages with warnings, valid pages, and total impression.

The second sheet named table includes status, type of the page, validation, and pages, as shown in the below screenshot.

Export search console data

Now let’s look at the changes in the performance report ?

Google has made two important improvements in the performance reports as following:

  1. Now, after this update, you can export data of tabs like Pages, Queries, Devices, Countries, Search Appearances, and dates in just one click. This data will be downloaded as explained above, multiple tabs in one Google sheet or excel sheet. Or you can export it as CSV files, which will be compressed as ZIP files.
  2. Along with all this performance data, an extra tab or CSV file named ‘filters’ will be added, which have the data of filters applied when the data was downloaded.

Export Search Performance data from Search Console

So, this was all for today. With this update, you can have more data exported and stored for future references.

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