Google is all set to launch an AI-curated search engine under “Project Magi” to offer a personalized search experience with AI tools.

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic nowadays; everyone is rushing to build incredible AI tools. The latest introduction of ChatGPT has captured the attention of everyone since its release. Moreover, smartphone giant Samsung has announced Microsoft Bing as its default search engine for their devices, replacing Google.

Google has announced the launch of AI tools for its search engine under the code name “Magi”. Google brings all-new AI-based features to its search engine to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s find out more about Google’s Project Magi.

What’s new with Project ‘Magi’?

There are 160 engineers, designers, and executives of Google operating on Project Magi to add innovative features to its existing search engine. While it’s still unclear what the new features will be, it’s sure to give tough competition against Microsoft Bing Chatbot and Open AI’s ChatGPT.

Google’s AI-powered tools will provide a highly personalized search experience and predict user requirements even before they type in. It will have a conversational approach same ad talking to a person. The user can complete transactions like purchasing or booking directly from the search. 

Expected Release of New AI Tools under Project Magi

Google’s new AI tools with even more impressive features will be released next month. Initially, the AI tools will be available to a maximum of 1 billion users in the US and gradually to 30 billion people by the end of 2023.

With the release of new AI tools, it is expected that Google will discontinue the way it provides answers to users. Currently, 10 results on the web page will be replaced with direct answers to the users.

What Changes will it bring for Marketers?

As Google will provide direct answers to users within search, it doesn’t matter how your website looks. The user will get a solution from the search without visiting your website. However, the form of SEO will change. You need to optimize your products and services so that Google shows your products and services to users. This means clicks to your website don’t matter. Getting a sale is indeed essential, and that’s your win.

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Final Thoughts

Project Magi by Google is aimed to be a game changer in the AI race. Google’s AI tools under Project Magi are a counterattack to its competitors and retain its position in the search market.

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