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Hope all are safe in this pandemic? In this article, I will discuss the SameSite cookie update and How to Get Magento 2 store ready for SameSite cookie update. Also, check out our previously published blog related to Magento 2 Cookie Notice (Everything You Need to Know). Let’s Get Started.

Short Summary:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has made a critical decision of temporarily rolling back its cookie classification system which was released on February 04, 2020, with Chrome 80. According to the officially released blog, it states that temporarily rollback of the SameSite labeling for verifying the websites that are providing consistent services like government organizations, healthcare, banking, and online groceries in this pandemic of COVID-19. 

On February 04, 2020 google chrome has planned to update to version 80. This will change the treatment of cookies by Chrome. It will help to increase the security and increase the user experience and bad news for websites as it will be adversely affected. 

Taking the privacy and security through the web as the first priority google has implemented the management of secure-by-default of third-party cookies

Methods To Get Magento 2 Store Ready For SameSite Cookie Update:

Subsequently, after this update, the Magento 2 store admin which is utilizing the and are depending on the cookie will be adversely affected due SameSite cookie update in the functionalities. This update of chrome will affect badly for the customers and Magento 2 store admin both as well. 

  • Open Chrome
  • Navigate to chrome://flags/
  • Enable SameSite by default cookies
  • Enable Cookies without SameSite must be secure
  • Goto Chrome inspector
  • Migrate to HTTPS secure pages

That’s It.

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Ending Words:

Hopefully, all have implemented the above steps. In case any doubts about the above solution or any other queries related to this solution can ask in the comment section. 

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