We all love cookies, but when it comes to programming this cookie tuned smart to store a small piece of information on the client side. Most commonly cookies are often used to facilitate sessions that tell the server, which client handled which session. Also, it stores various information regarding site preferences, shopping cart items, and server session identification. Each time the user’s web browser interacts with a web server, it will pass the cookie information to the web server that is stored on server session. By using Cookies, it becomes easy to exchange information between the server and the browser to provide a way to customize a user session, and for servers to recognize the user between requests.
In between this flow, sometimes we need to know how many customers are online or to serve personalized experience you have to collect visitor ids from the visitor session. At that time this small and tiny code will help you to do the same.

And that’s it! You can use this code according to your need for collecting visitor ids.
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Happy Coding!

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